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  1. So you're saying an abusive user can still saturate the airlink even if their bandwidth is throttled at the router?
  2. You make it sound as though Sprint has not employed any network management, QoS, or traffic shaping...
  3. It won't matter whether your phone is on as the change occurs on the network side of things. To simplify it, your SIM card is your "key" to the LTE network. It contains a unique number known as an ICCID. Each time an LTE device wants to connect to the network, it transmits it's ICCID number. The network then checks to see if this number is associated with a subscriber, and if so the device is granted access. So when you make this change to your account online, you're simply telling Sprint, "hey, when you see this ICCID please allow it to connect and use whatever services bmattox79 subscribed to!"
  4. Yes sir, except after waiting on hold for who knows how long, you may be asked to walk through several useless troubleshooting procedures first. Then you'll have the fun of reading and confirming a 20 digit number over the phone . That's why I suggested using sprint.com instead but by all means if you're more comfortable calling, then go that route. If you do end up calling, politely but firmly insist all you need them to do is change the SIM card they have on file for your account. I've found the more details you provide them, the more confused they become. Well, tier 1 techs at least.
  5. You can fix this yourself simply and easily. Just log in to sprint.com, open the drop down menu labelled "manage this device", and select "activate a new SIM card". Boom done.
  6. They have been, and it's definitely around. The reason you're not seeing it is because it's broadcasting on a special "testing" SID, 22429, which the official Sprint PRLs ignore. There is an 800MHz testing PRL available in the sponsors section that will allow you to connect to the SMR towers in DC metro.
  7. My response to digiblur was intended as sarcasm, but now that we're on the topic.. There's all types of infrastructure lurking behind facades all around us. For example, these houses are actually electrical substations: More details here Sometimes this is what needs to be done in order to overcome vocal NIMBY-types or restrictive zoning laws. There's some other interesting examples, including a row house concealing train tracks. And last but not least, bringing it around full circle are the houses specifically built just to conceal cell phone towers: From WebUrbanist. My favorite from that page is the, umm, fake telephone pole.
  8. What if the "building" is nothing more than an elaborate disguise for the radios and equipment? Thus the building itself is in fact the tower, and it's contents and use as a building are merely incidental to the primary purpose: something to bolt the panels to!
  9. "Nature Calls" by photographer Emily Shur. Via The Atlantic.
  10. So interesting you mention bit.ly links. I've been experiencing this same issue with t.co links (Twitter forces all links through this domain for analytics). When on LTE I am unable to open any links from within the Twitter app. Nothing else is slow at all except for t.co - if I copy/paste the full address and open it in a browser, it's fine.
  11. Am I misunderstanding something? Isn't the ability to perform manual labor always limited by manpower availability, regardless of union affiliation?
  12. When you see that, your phone is scanning for an LTE signal. If you're not in an LTE area and this bothers you, you can turn off LTE in settings and that will go away.
  13. Agreed. Triband compatibility will likely be reserved as a selling point for a future model (this is my opinion based on historical Apple marketing strategy).
  14. Thanks, cool spreadsheet! I see the 51xxx series PRLs are intended for any device not utilizing simultaneous LTE and voice. Is the iPhone the only hardware on the network that falls in to this category?
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