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Hello from Aberdeen MD!


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As a customer who recently came back to Sprint, and excited for Network Vision I found this site in a google search while trying to figure out why my iPhone 5 was dropping signal. When I started reading these forums.. I was blown away with the amount of Information and technical knowledge that is on this site.. it's good to interact with people who KNOW what their talking about.. 


This site is actually why I am still a Sprint customer (who didn't re-port back to Verizon), since I see firsthand what will be coming with the continued NV and LTE rollouts.


With that being said, I will be donating to this site ASAP.


Thanks again for your hard work.. and see you in the forums! .





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Welcome to S4GRU! Hope to see you around.




Robert via Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4 Beta



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