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LTE phone lists DOD Information Center as IP address


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I did an internet search for this, but irrevalent hits.


When my Sprint LTE phone connects via 4G LTE, my IP address belongs to the

DOD Information Center.


I had this happen on a mi-fi from sprint as well.


Did the Department of Defense buy some block of ip addresses from SPRINT?


WEIRD to say the least.




General IP Information IP: Decimal: 452415970 Hostname: ISP: DoD Network Information Center Organization: DoD Network Information Center Services: None detected Type: Corporate Assignment: Static IP Blacklist: Geolocation Information Country: United States us.png State/Region: Ohio City: Columbus Latitude: 39.9612  (39° 57′ 40.32″ N) Longitude: -82.9988  (82° 59′ 55.68″ W) Area Code: 614 Postal Code: 43218



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Its more like they're hacking me! LOL



Stop hacking the Pentagon. And on Sprint's network. Sheesh.



or the DOD is spoffing a fake tower looking for someone....not you is it? ;)


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