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Sprint and Nokia


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When Sprint and Nokia make up after all these years.

The problem has always been Nokia since they decided to manufacture unauthorized CDMA radios just to circumvent paying Qualcomm for use of patented technology in regards to CDMA.  Sprint, as well as every CDMA carrier in the US selling Nokia devices noticed the unauthorized radios, which led Qualcomm to sue them.  Nokia had to settle as their counter lawsuits were destined to fail, and perhaps end up becoming a division of Qualcomm.  You can do a search on your search engine of your choice for Qualcomm v. Nokia


Instead of Nokia fixing relations with Qualcomm CDMA carriers, Elop and company at once was Nokia's mobile manufacturing division decided to make their Lumia line pretty much GSM exclusive (which was also the story for second generation Windows Phone 7 devices), while giving Qualcomm CDMA carriers the two finger salute by only releasing the Lumia 900T for China Mobile, and later releasing the 928, 929, and 822 on Verizon, all of them with the SAME homemade CDMA radios which are still behind Qualcomm standards.


The move to have a device on Sprint is of desperation by the Lumia team in order to meet the carrier unlock agreement between the FCC and CTIA, as well as being the only way to have Windows Phone devices sold on many regional CDMA carriers in the US and Puerto Rico/USVI (remember, the unlock policy is not limited to CDMA carriers making their new devices coming to their networks being able to work on GSM networks in the US), something Microsoft has miserably failed to do so by relying mostly on GSM carriers in a CDMA country.

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