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Boston Marathon Bombing


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I was in Downtown Boston at mile 25 when it happened (Kenmore Square for you locals). Was with family waiting to see my sister running. Thankfully she tweaked her knee around mile 15, and slowed her pace... otherwise she would have been at the finish line at the exact wrong time. They shut down the race as she passed mile 24.


Anyways, My phone performed better than I expected.. I had trouble making one call, but other than that, my phone was texting/ringing/dialing non-stop for a solid 2 hours before the battery had enough. Facebook and Google Maps were a little slow but not unusable. Others I was with seemed to have more problems than me, but I don't know who had what carrier. Text messages seemed to be flowing without any issues for everyone.


Just want to say all of the police/fire/EMS/race volunteers did an unreal job. Except for the first few minutes at the immediate scene (completely understandable), there was virtually no panic; some people were crying, but for the most part it was just an eerie quiet as everyone followed the directions of the public safety folks trying to clear the area.


They messed with the wrong city...



phew, then tweaking her knee was a good thing that happened. Good she's safe man, it's all horrible
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