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S4GRU 101 - Quoting via S4GRU Mobile


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I read the Guidelines for Posting Articles and am left unsure about quoting via the S4GRU mobile site.


Can you provide a full example?


How I understand the process is as follows. I've used quotations instead of brackets to avoid actually quoting. Is there anything that goes after the quoted text and before my unquoted comments?





"quote" or "quote name=chappo2000" This is where I'd have whatever I was quoting.


This is where I'd comment on whatever I quoted.




Thank you for any guidance.

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If you hit the quote button above the text box, it will create in the text box, open and close quote codes. You paste the article or quotes from the article in between these codes.


<quote>Paste verbiage to be quoted here.</quote> (except the < is actually a open bracket symbol)


If you actually did it right, it would look like this:


Paste verbiage to be quoted here.


If you don't like how it says "Quote" in the quote header, you can change the code so it can say something custom with 'said' after it. It would look like this:


Paste verbiage to be quoted here.


To create a custom quote header, click the quote button above the text box, and replace the open quote code from <quote>, to look like <quote name='DailyWireless.org'>.


Please note that in all instances where I used the < and >, they really are [ and ] that should be used. Otherwise, the code won't work. I had to do it this way in this instance, otherwise the code would have been enacted and you wouldn't be able to see the code!


You can use these same codes within the mobile site and the Forum Apps. You just would have to hand type in the bracket codes, since you do not have a text button option in those instances. If you have any further questions, shoot!


- Robert

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You can use these same codes within the mobile site and the Forum Apps. You just would have to hand type in the bracket codes, since you do not have a text button option in those instances.


Sweet. Tricky on mobile but with your help I've got it. Thank you for the comprehensive explanation.


(Assuming I quoted correctly. lol)

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