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Lansing, MI Sighting!

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OK, I got an email from sprint that my area has received tower upgrades in the Lansing, MI area 48911 zip. When I went home last night, I had my Wifi turned off. I had just did an update to my ROM & Modem earlier so while leaving work I did a profile update & PRL update. I only have this site open at work and didn't get a screen shot but the status on my screen said LTE 14. I did a speed test and although I don't specifically remeber the upload speed, the download speed was about 2.5Mb.


Can anyone else in the area confirm this? I don't have 4G at work, but I see that Mason is slated for a new tower on sprint's coverage map that still doesn't show 4g anywhere in the mid Michigan area, but I live very close to Cedar and I-96 southern tip of Lansing city limit.

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