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PRL 01138?


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It is a weird numbering scheme... it is a 800SMR non-LTE PRL. The one posted above was fine. I should have the diffs up by tomorrow.


The 56010/55010 updates pretty much mimic the 25010 updates except the 55/56 ones do NOT have 800SMR yet.


My post from XDA:


Meh.... still no 800SMR support for 56xxx and 55xxx. Guess someone at Sprint doesn't like iPhone 5, Note2, and PhotonQ LTE users. Or maybe there is an issue with the iPhone and 800SMR.


Not sure what took Sprint so long to come out with these as they really match the 25xxx updates...and includes the same glaring errors. Tsk tsk tsk..


So if I read this correctly, my cousin, who just got an iPhone 5, will not be able to use 1x on SMR in Chicago, where it is actively deployed?

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So if I read this correctly, my cousin, who just got an iPhone 5, will not be able to use 1x on SMR in Chicago, where it is actively deployed?


Correct. Side by side, an S3 could be in a building with coverage (1x of course) and the iPhone would have no signal (or roaming).

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