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LG may make a Nexus device!


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Discussions are ongoing with LG and Google to contract for device in the future. The article states it takes a year of planning to get the device into production, so I don't think it will be doing it this year. What do you people think? Although I thought LG phones had potential, they always seem to be lacking something. Do you think a Nexus phone will be LG's breaking out party?










LG "heavily in discussions" with Google over next Nexus flagship


Google’s Nexus lineup stands out in the Android world - it’s the first to get Google’s new versions of Android, the first to get updated and often the last to go out of support. So far, Google has picked HTC for its first Nexus One, and later it worked with Samsung on the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus. Now, LG wants to have the privilege to make Google’s 2012 Nexus.

Ramchan Woo, head of LG’s smartphone division told CNET: "We're heavily in discussions." Now, Woo does clarify that there are no firm commitments just yet.

The actual process of making a Nexus device is a long one, and that’s why we’re hearing about this now, despite expectations for the next Nexus to get released in late 2012. The company Google picks is said to work jointly with the search giant. Engineers travel to be in the same place physically and then work for up to a year on the new device.

Now, this would be a clear statement by Google that it doesn’t favor Motorola, which it’s about to acquire. But how would you like the thought of the next Nexus being made by LG?

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