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Not real sure about Sprint's future when I see this....


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Well this is my wheelhouse here being I deal with financial markets. At first brief glance the form I looked at seemed nothing more than members(Dan) actually getting more stock issued to them directly...


Nothing to worry about. It's not them selling anything as its noted with an "A" and NOT a "D" as D is for disposed.


I'll look again tomorrow but I'm pretty sure that its nothing but their incentives kicking in really.


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Ah, okay. Glad he is getting compensated so well for the fine work he has done.


Not just him but a handful of other VPs too. The link u had in your post didn't work for me so I just went to the http://investors.sprint.com/insiders.aspx?iid=4057219 site and saw the forms there.

Looked like about 10 ppl total and was just stock options filing. The notes cited they were from their Omnibus Incentive program...Like Dans states he isn't 100% vested in these shares till 2015 and they are restricted performance based too so he might not even get fully vested in these if he doesn't meet whatever conditions they set out...


All in all this is no big deal at all.


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