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Credit Suisse: Sprint is worth covering...and rating as Outperform


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See the link if you're a financial wonk (dedub, looking at you, though you've probably seen the source report already):




Thanks to my immediate family's brand-new (large-ish) long position in Sprint, I have a copy of the report (one page of information and three or four pages of disclaimers). Nothing of interest that's new, though the bank puts a price target of $6 on the shares without considering M&A activity (SoftBank). Add another $2-$4 for M&A and you get their $8 (on the conservative side) price target. Not too shabby, considering what the stock price was even four months ago.


NOTE: Insert relevant disclaimers here. Just because I'm long Sprint doesn't mean that you should be, and if you take my advice you can't blame me if Sprint stock comes crashing down. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

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