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Data connection like to go from 3G to 1X in the Phoenix area

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I've been noticing this a lot. Right now I'm in an area that has excellent coverage. Full bars, DL speeds of about 1MB and upload speeds of about 700kbps. I even get WiMax coverage here but I have it turned off because it's unstable. Anyways, all day it's been switching back and forth between 3G and 1X, it will stay on 1X anywhere from 1-5 minutes then it switches back to 3G. From what I've read here I would assume that it's some sort of temporary fix Sprint is doing but this particular area probably doesn't need such fix since I get great coverage and data speeds. I've noticed this 1X switch at another location I work from about 15 miles away, that area does need fixing. What could be the cause?

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I visited Phoenix around two months ago and speeds were consistently SLOW!!! Just going from block to block you could tell the sites were heavily overloaded. I constantly went from 1x to 3g there. I'd say it's rather normal and that your site is overloaded.


But if you're in an area that's good coverage, and you're getting issues now, it's possible that they're upgrading the tower, or the site you're connected to went down and you're connecting to a further site, thus the slower speeds and less reliability.


I've contact Sprint and see if there's any outages.

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