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Sprint layoffs


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Sprint is reorganizing its marketing arm. Several months ago, you may have read about Sprint hiring a new VP who was going to combine consumer and business groups under one umbrella. It also let go its advertising agency for a new one, thus the dearth of new commercials lately.


I suppose we will have to wait and see what becomes of this. The unlimited commercial with the girl and data counter has been the best one with the old guard. But it's practically the only one showing in my market besides the iPhone one with the rising apps.



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That's all I see too. Hopefully this turns out to be a good move. Although I am always sad to hear of layoffs. Especially in this economy. I was one of those numbers back in 2009.


S4GRU is now mobile...posted via Forum Runner

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Yea, they only have those 2 commercials running here two (but i hardly watch tv). Although, I think they have another one or two since they inked the deal as NBA sponsor.. probably only running during games.. and NASCAR starts back soon, so probably another couple new ones to go along with the race season that is about to start. I would think $ is limited now that Network Vision and iPhone are in full swing. But, I would think we should see new/better advertisement when LTE is launched and new phones start showing up in a few mos. Also, I'm pretty sure they just signed deal with a whole new advertising team, right?

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    • Financially makes sense, but may put them far behind T-Mobile and Verizon 5g marketing.  Could put them up against Dish if Dish gets their act together and starts their public network in Las Vegas in late February.
    • Fiercewireless put out an article today.  Sounds like AT&T wont get heavily started until later this year when equipment will be more available that supports both 3.45GHz and C-Band.
    • They are using DSS on B5 here, on one carrier. LTE-only on the other AFAIK. I kinda hope AT&T doesn't turn DSS on in markets where dropping H+ bumps them from 5x5 for everything else to 10x10. They have 10x10 of B14 and 5x5-10x10 of B12 to throw users on, and with the delays to their C-Band deployment due to waiting for gear their network is effectively LTE-only in many areas despite an increasing proportion of 5G phones. The network was doing just fine without the extra B5 bandwidth, so not a whole lot of reason to basically go backwards when they said they're dropping 3G to expand 5G.
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