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Network Signal Speed Booster app?


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I was just in the google play store and ran across this app called a network signal speed booster. How does this work and is it really relevant?


There are several apps in the market fitting this general description, all of which grant the app permissions to harvest some personal information, including phone call connections for example, and possibly upload it to some unknown server somewhere. As for improving your signal, I suspect all they do is basically some placebo action that resets the connection. (You can do the same thing just by toggling airplane mode.)


I also don't believe the reviews, which can be phony, generated by online "marketing" companies.

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My guess is it mucks with something internal to make the phone display more signal bars than you actually have. I've had to "fix" more than a few phones for people that had the issue of "no bars"... even though they had zero actual network issues. They just wanted more bars on the screen.

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