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  1. Thanks Robert. Sorry for being such a debbie downer on the forum but man a live, it seems like its been a long time comin.
  2. I was'nt able to upload pics from my Speedtest results for some reason. Here they are manually:16.43 Mbps down and 7.29 Mbps up.
  3. I just mapped a bunch of streets using Sensorly yesterday around the Waterman Ave and Marshall Blvd areas of San Bernardino and have noticed a strong presense of LTE in my neighborhood. I live on Pershing Ave and 31st St but can't tell what tower is transmitting LTE in this area. Anyway, good job Sprint.
  4. I'll best you one. I want LTE to OFFICIALLY launch in the San bernardino and Riverside area
  5. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but when I hear "I get 5 mbps on Carson Road and Juniper St !!!", I cant get excited for you. When we here in San bernardino and Riverside Ca can get "CONSISTENT" 5 mbps in our towns, then, I will get excited. Not when I have to hang out on some random corner with a tower projecting 4g. Sprint just aint there yet.
  6. Just what is it you want me to observe? that after the issue date the work was finalized in 2 weeks? Maybe I'm not reading that permit right.
  7. It sure got dead around here. Where's the excitement? Hopefully we get some good news for the holidays.
  8. I used to get excited about them kinds of numbers here in Sbdno city too. Its just not consistent. The towers are too far apart from each other that it makes 4G seem like a cruel and very bad joke that it plays on you. Because of this I've been cussing and swearing like a trucker with hemmoroids. I get so freaking mad when I see 4 bars of 4g and am only picking up .09 mbps down.
  9. It looks like our area completely stalled out. What a bummer. anyone hear any news about an official launch,more backhaul deployment or something? Anything
  10. I don't think this is the reason. I could see if a new tower is being installed then There would be a setback because of planning,hiring subs,planning commision meetings,etc. Pulling a permit does not take over a month to issue especially if the tower is already there. You can't argue that work has bogged down quite a bit. Please point me in the direction where "Municipalities,vendors and subcontractors" are to blame.
  11. supposedly real soon,official launch this month,I don't think so. I feel your frustration jes.
  12. LTE is so spotty here in the inland empire with no new towers going live since I dont know when 10% of the time of day can I get a good 4G signal
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