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Don't look now but Mexico's FCC is making better spectrum allocation decisions


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It's just possible that a decision made earlier this week by the Mexican authorities could have a significant impact on the 4G spectrum decisions of other countries in Central and South America and even elsewhere.

The country's regulator, the Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Cofetel), is to license the 700MHz band for 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services and is adopting the APT (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity) model for segmentation, judging it to be more efficient than the scheme used in the U.S. in the 700MHz band.


According to Cofetel (translated from the original announcement in Spanish): "As the APT 700 plan segments the band in two portions of 45MHz with a 10MHz block between the transmission and reception sub-bands, it provides greater flexibility in spectrum use and caters to the future demands of mobile broadband services. In addition, this model has guard bands to protect adjacent spectrum, both the television in the bottom of the band and the cellular at the top."




I like it much better than the US model that managed to fragment the spectrum into way too many bands and small allocations.

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The FCC made many of its decisions about the Lower 700 MHz band roughly a decade ago while it was still occupied by UHF TV. So, I will give the FCC a free pass on this one. Planning ahead does not always pay off. Moreover, we are talking about Mexico, which is debatably a third world country. Central planning is not Mexico's strong suit; it may stumble into some advantageous situations simply due to its lack of planning ahead.



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Yeah, they are so good in looking ahead that they managed to fragment both the PCS and AWS bands. Not to mention the 700, 800 PS band. Does anybody want to guess how many PS bands we have up and down the spectrum?

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Why do you

Yeah, they are so good in looking ahead that they managed to fragment both the PCS and AWS bands. Not to mention the 700, 800 PS band. Does anybody want to guess how many PS bands we have up and down the spectrum?


Why do you think it will only be those two?

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