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  1. I live in North Ridgeville. I took this on Lorain Road over by the Drive in theater.
  2. In North Ridgeville, Ohio
  3. Yes it does, you're spreading old misconceptions. There's tons of info for LTE in the PRL files.
  4. It's nothing special, you won't see anything better for data speeds as you're still on 3G. The big thing to look for is LTE 800, that's what really matters to fill in the coverage gaps (however tiny they may be, they're still enough to drop you down to 3G if you get in an odd spot.)
  5. No problem. Other than the places that are out in the middle of nowhere which happen to also be bedroom communities sprint has rock solid coverage. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  6. Cleveland is pretty decent. There are some dead spots in the southwestern suburbs 30-40 miles outside of Cleveland. Highways and any mildly populated areas have great coverage. Cedar point has 800MHz Voice and great coverage everywhere throughout the park. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  7. When I went back to Oak Park on Wednesday I ended up getting better speeds. Around 5mbit/s which is more than fine. I didn't have to switch back to 3G just to use data this time.
  8. Yeah, I did that to get better LTE service but it was still shoddy at most. I switched to 3G only and it worked perfectly.
  9. I'm not sure how you guys deal with Sprint up there. Every time I've been to Michigan anywhere near Detroit, Canton, Oak Park, Romulus, etc... LTE doesn't work worth a damn. I have to switch to 3G to get working service. Ann Arbor is nice though, Cleveland is still a lot better in terms of LTE speed and usability. For all I know it might be an issue with my phone being provisioned in another market. Can I get any conformation?
  10. Yeah I noticed that. They switched to Google maps and open layers. It's just a tiled map. I can bring it outside of Sprint's website, I have to look around a little more first.
  11. http://srv.so/CoverageMaps/sprint/index.php here you guys go. It's not all that pretty but it works.
  12. I made a tool for this a long time ago. Let me get you guys a link.
  13. I've been noticing lately that calls from Sprint to T-Mobile and vice versa sound really clear (not even using HD Voice), but Sprint to Verizon and vice versa sound like crap.
  14. I'll try and check these areas out today. I'm excited to see band 41 lighting up.
  15. I have used the ones in Sandusky at Cedar Point. I used them when they where first turned on. I believe I made a post about it too. There are also a few live in Elyria by I-90.
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