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Poor / Jumpy Upload Speeds on EVO 4G LTE


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I have had this phone for about 2 weeks now, and I've noticed the upload speeds using Speed Test have been very jumpy. I am wondering if this is your experience as well, and if so have you been able to fix it?


The Upload speed test results don't update continuously like the download speeds do (maybe once a second), which results in a jumpy histogram.


I have noticed this issue on both WiFi and Cellular data. I am unsure if this issue is only a problem with the test app or if it is indeed indicating a problem with the radio of the phone. Here's a screenshot showing what I mean.


Any ideas?


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Yes, it's still an available option, I have it set to smooth graphics. The download graphics are smooth; the upload ones aren't. I'm unsure if this is showing a latency issue, a radio issue, or just a testing issue with this app.


I don't really notice any slowdowns, especially while using WiFi, and this "issue" (if it even is one) appears everywhere; I've tried it in a few towns here in NC, both on 3G and WiFi.

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I think it's the app, I see it too with my EVO. But I don't have any problems with uploads jumping or stalling like it appears to when testing. I would suggested a different app. I use Cell Phone Coverage Map by Rootmetrics to verify anything the speedtest.net app shows.

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