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Motorola Admiral - Software Update Improves PTT, requires roaming settings change


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Finally the update I have been waiting for ever since they rolled it out for the other SDC phone. Sprint has rolled out




These are the fixes / improvements



- Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, including UFMI blocking for privacy

- Enhancement increases coverage area, Sprint Direct Connect now functions over 1x/roaming.

- Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, added functionality such as TeamDC and OptIn DC in call logs

- Enhancement enables emergency broadcast support for improved safety and security.

- Improvement to user experience when both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are in use.

- Improvements to home screen so it is easier for a user to swipe the screen to unlock phone and answer calls.

- Functionality for setting up or editing calendar events in which you invite others using Corporate Exchange is being removed. If this functionality is needed, please use the Moxier email client preloaded on the device.

- Short Dialing to support Urban and Fleet IDs that match.


Also it will let you use SDC when roaming but you need to enable data roaming in order to make that work.







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Something interesting is the support now for emergency alerts, which you can configure to let you know where there are weather alert, or any nearby emergency situations. Very useful for people who are constantly are moving around.

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Something interesting is the support now for emergency alerts, which you can configure to let you know where there are weather alert, or any nearby emergency situations. Very useful for people who are constantly are moving around.

This is interesting. Wonder the weather alerts work (localized according to...?).

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If it works like it does with Duramax then it should be based on what tower you are on. So when I was in Virginia Beach a few months ago we got a tornado warning alert for that area. It came in as an urgent SMS, apparently on the admiral it comes through within that app and probably with a notification. You have options on that app to change how it is displayed.

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Interesting....the app must be constantly comparing your coordinates (or those reported by your cell) with the coordinates of the warning polygons released by NOAA.


Really surprised something like this hasn't picked up in popularity. I've looked into doing similar myself with an auto-programmed weather radio, but haven't had much luck finding digital wx tuners.


I think coarse location-based alerts would be a great idea, and could easily be a lifesaver here in the midwest.

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