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  1. And yet, often I can tweet when I can't send text messages at a certain local arena involving a highly successful college basketball team. I get stronger LTE service than 1x.
  2. I'll check that out, thanks. I'm hesitant towards android/smart phones since these two lines both had android phones (evo shift and samsung transform) with data roaming turned off but they still incurred international data charges. The only way to be sure is to get one with parental controls that can lock data access but still allow voice/sms.
  3. Probably related to Google Voice. I've had several calls to my GV number attempting to social engineer me. All had CID appearing to be from another GV number. FWIW, the GS3 will let you hang up on 911, but your phone will default into emergency mode for 5-15 mins which locks out data and other calls (to allow dispatch a clear callback line).
  4. Anyone know where I can get a cheap feature phone off contract, or if any of you have an old one for sale in decent shape? I need a handset with parental controls to lock out data (for international phone/sms use only). I have a LG Remarq that does great, need another phone like it. Ebay/craigslist have been unhelpful the past few weeks. Shoulda kept my old Sanyo flips.... Thanks!
  5. FWIW, I spotted a few towers on 35 from between Bethany and Cameron to the IA border which appear to have new panels + least two RRUs. No stopping to confirm equipment, but I did have eHRPD service.
  6. Sounds like the one in Goddard. A little bit of everything, but not much of anything.
  7. Doubtful. All the ATT DSL/T1/PRI circuits I monitor in the SC KS area were unaffected. Probably an issue with their cellular switching system.
  8. I didn't say I get a gig. I said the FCC has challenged ISPs to improve their service; rural should provide at least 4mbit and urban offer a gig. Its a challenge, not a mandate.
  9. I hope everyone realizes the FCC is pushing rural ISPs to offer at least 4mbit connections, while urban ISPs are challenged to offer a gig. Its not like they're getting their facebook on your dime. Its not about getting something for nothing, its about being able to get something at all. Look at the first post of this thread. I have to wonder, how many LTE towers (Sprint or otherwise) are made possible directly or indirectly by these subsidies? Think of that next time you travel an interstate in the country.
  10. I hear their programming is simply bovine.
  11. Daughters stock Transform Ultra had data roam turned off while she was in Canada and I got data charges too, despite confirming with Sprint that the option would prevent such charges. Other daughter lost her Evo on the plane there (luckily, I suppose). I pay for discounted international roaming so they have a phone for emergency calls and texting while there. Airplane mode isn't an option. Trying to figure out what to do next time. If this is how it works, then I will probably buy a feature phone with parental controls (password protect the data and it can't go online) and just swap the lines for the trips.
  12. I carefully crafted the words just to see if anyone would notice. Leaving satisfied!
  13. Its the new age vanity plate. YOURMOM DAPOLICE GHOSTBUSTERS
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