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Does fast 3G speeds mean NV overhaul was done?

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So my 3G speeds have always been pretty bad around 100-300 kbps and I have heard on this Site that after the NV overhaul 3G speeds will increase to 1+ mbps.


I just began at University of Miami and did a speed test at the University of Miami campus and I got 1.43 mbps download over 3G which I have never experienced before.


Does that mean the tower I'm connected to (I don't know which one) got the NV back haul? How soon would a LTE signal regularly follow?


How could I know which towers have received the NV backhaul without having to be connected to them and getting a 1+ mbps speed test on 3G.




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I've seen speedtests over 2mbps on non-NV/legacy sites so I wouldn't take a fast 3G connection as NV complete. I see you are a sponsor, so check out the interactive NV Complete map in that section for the latest and greatest sites accepted by Sprint from the OEM.

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