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Does fast 3G speeds mean NV overhaul was done?

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So my 3G speeds have always been pretty bad around 100-300 kbps and I have heard on this Site that after the NV overhaul 3G speeds will increase to 1+ mbps.


I just began at University of Miami and did a speed test at the University of Miami campus and I got 1.43 mbps download over 3G which I have never experienced before.


Does that mean the tower I'm connected to (I don't know which one) got the NV back haul? How soon would a LTE signal regularly follow?


How could I know which towers have received the NV backhaul without having to be connected to them and getting a 1+ mbps speed test on 3G.




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I've seen speedtests over 2mbps on non-NV/legacy sites so I wouldn't take a fast 3G connection as NV complete. I see you are a sponsor, so check out the interactive NV Complete map in that section for the latest and greatest sites accepted by Sprint from the OEM.

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    • OK, I think I have given up on the TAC issue on my LG V60 and just resigned to get a new device.  Anyone have any strong recommendations for a device with good radio performance, can turn on and off individual bands and will fully map LTE and NR simultaneously in the SignalCheck Beta Maps? Robert
    • I haven't caught a whiff of n41 down here in the South Sound, yet.  I am slowly finding more B41, though.  Recently in Shelton, the two Sprint Retain sites that were converted have B41 live now.  Their permits show n41 equipment.  But they just haven't fired them up, yet. Robert
    • Documentation says one thing, but reality can prove the documentation to be completely inaccurate once you actually test the equipment. I run into this pretty regularly at work with software and hardware I utilize.  "hey, it says it can do xyz" and I get a "mumble mumble mumble, yeah we never got that to actually work" or "that configuration actually doesn't exist", or "we are waiting on firmware" or "this functionality costs extra, buy this for $15,000/yr per radio and we will turn it on" blah blah blah.
    • Wonder if AT&T is doing some last minute deals with businesses, as to why HSPA is still online. Or maybe there are contracts in place that have pushed the "deadline" out in various places. Shoot, AT&T could be getting sued in local courts and the courts saying AT&T needs to keep it online until things are settled?
    • The main n41 channel was just moved up to 2639MHz this morning.  This means that channel spans from 2589MHz-2689MHz. With Sprint B41 at 2501.5MHz, and TMobile B41 spanning 2508MHz-2548MHz. That leaves room for a 40MHz n41 channel. If they drop one of the TMobile B41 channels, they could easily expand that to 60MHz. This all in line with their permit filings which indicate a second n41 carrier of <=80MHz.
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