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LTE Coverage Map - Rome, Georgia 8/7/2012

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Sprint LTE-1900 Coverage Map of Rome, Georgia as of 8/7/2012




And for comparison, here is Sprint's overly optimistic LTE coverage for the area. I used actual Sprint data for tower heights and figured range (downtilt) for sectors based on using 2/3 of the distance to the next adjacent tower. And since we were able to have our writer AJ Shepherd confirm the coverage on our St. Joseph, MO map, I feel pretty good about our attempt here.






There is an interactive version of our Coverage Map in our Sponsor section. You can read this thread for more information about how to become a S4GRU Sponsor. Sponsorship gets you access to even more content.


S4GRU coverage maps created using CloudRF.com

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When you look at the far reaches on the Sprint map, it almost makes you think this is mapping 800mhz holdings.

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    • The VoLTE thing is very annoying. From my conversation with a high level support tech, VoLTE is MANUALLY enabled on all femtocells. So after a reset or initial power up, it goes into a queue, and some engineer or support person starts going through the queue and toggling it on if certain conditions are met. I've had it take as little as 3 days, and as long as 2.5 weeks. It's pretty shocking that they don't have a better way to do this....    My guess is it's something to do with integration into the nearby network, so that macro handoffs are smooth. I've heard that after initially getting enabled on a femto, that future enablings are much faster (1 day or so), but I have mine on battery backups and don't really want to test it... You'd still think that they'd be able to automate this though...   Until a couple months ago, only LTE relay magic boxes got VoLTE. Anything using wired or wifi backhaul didn't. When I reached out to the above tech about this, he said it should work, and then 3 days later I got it enabled. Either he fixed the bug, or it was incredibly coincidental, after many months of not having VoLTE enabled.      
    • Well I guess it isn't actually roaming anymore even if it shows as such as TMobile coverage is now native coverage provided your phone has the necessary bands to latch onto whatever technology those particular towers are broadcasting. 
    • The key difference between this and true Clearwire (Sprint)  is T-Mobile Clearwire is always flagged as roaming. 
    • Thanks! I build non carrier compliant but still compliant machines so if you need one before T-Mo builds one I am here.     
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