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Do dialer codes (such as *#debug) work on Samsung phones?


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Also *#*#4636#*#* is the test menu

*#*#checkin#*#* forces the phone to check for any OTA

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What exactly do these dialer codes do?


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They launch hidden utility apps. Such apps often can also be invoked by making a shortcut within a third-party launcher such a LauncherPro in lieu of Touchwiz. Yet another method that might work is a standalone laucher app such as QuickShortcutMaker, which seems to work with many hidden utilities on my Samsung Epic 4G. (I don't have a GS3.)


These methods might launch some LTE utilities on the GS3, which we don't know much about. It may be that this is a route to try tweaking the LTE/EVDO fallback thresholds, as Robert has suggested.

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