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  1. I thought Sprint outsourced their network team to Ericsson? Or did they bring them back in at some point? I haven't kept up with Sprint much the past few years.
  2. If I were to get the unlocked S10 instead of the Sprint branded S10, would I lose anything? For instance on AT&T the unlocked model doesn't get wifi calling or VoLTE; you have to get the branded model. I don't want to miss out on anything like upload carrier aggregation or something random by getting the unlocked model. I know unlocked models receive updates last because Samsung waits for all the carrier versions to get updated before updating the unlocked model. How was the unlocked S9 vs the Sprint S9?
  3. Is CA B25-B41 or B26-B41 enabled in any market yet? On my S9 if I dial ##data# these carrier aggregation profiles aren't enabled yet. If I were to enable them will it actually work?
  4. I don't mind seeing a Verizon version of Cricket/MetroPCS/Boost. An option for tethering would also be nice.
  5. This is the first phone with B26+B41 and B25+B41 carrier aggregation. Do we know if Sprint has this live in the field? This will solve the low upload speeds in areas with a weak B41 signal.
  6. Great - thanks!. I was able to find permits using "Sprint" with the category "Owner Occupant". I think I found this site before in the past and tried to search for small cells using Mobilitie but couldn't find anything.
  7. Any particular reason you weren't happy with the service?
  8. Wow - did I read AT&T had 7.2 TB of data used? If so that means Sprint users used more than 35% more data.
  9. I don't think anyone wants to build out Dish's network for them. It would have happened already if that were the case.
  10. Right - and on the network side, can the existing hardware - 8T8R, mini macros, Clearwire equipment, etc, perform this type of carrier aggregation with just a software update? Or does existing equipment on the towers need to be replaced.
  11. With FCC docs showing the Galaxy S9 capable of carrier aggregation between different bands (B25+B41 or B26+B41), when do we expect Sprint to start implementing this type of aggregation? Is new hardware required on towers or is it a simple software update?
  12. Pings seem better (10-15ms) across the board on all 3 bands when I do speedtests now (speeds are still roughly the same).
  13. Do we know if Sprint's existing equipment (8T8R, mini macros, etc) can support B25+B41 or B26+B41 with a software upgrade? Or will this require new equipment?
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