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Cheaper LTE chips to bring more LTE devices to market


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The LTE chip that Samsung used in the Galaxy Nexus is said to cost half of what the older available LTE chip costs. The two chips are said to perform the same but the older chip costs around $23. This could be very good for the low to midrange phones to be able to add LTE capability without raising the cost of the handset by much.



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The next big leap will be for the chips to be able to accomodate all the different frequencies on LTE that the carriers will be using. Sprint will be using 3 in the 800/1900 and eventually 2500 spectrum, ATT & Verizon have more. If the FCC ever gets around to having the carriers make roaming agreements, then the phones can exploit the true benefits of LTE coast to coast. Otherwise the carriers will be building a lot of towers to provide nationwide coverage. Can you imagine when VoLTE becomes the standard? Once your out of network coverage you phone becomes a paperweight.

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I heard that the LTE chipsets that Sprint will need to use are going to be 3x the cost of comparable 700 only sets like in the Nexus. At least initially. Then they will come down with economies of scale.

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