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Anker batteries an improvement?


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So I just ordered two Anker 1700mah batteries with an external wall charger and was curious if anyone has any experience with these batteries? If not I would love to share my experience with mine as initial thoughts and updates as I use and abuse them.


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Never tried Anker, I had really good luck with Seidio slim extended batteries for the Evo 3D. They fit with the factory door and had more juice than the stock battery


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Ok first update on the Anker battery experiment on my EVO 4G. First off I want to explain some of the features and modifications on my phone previous to some early results of the battery. My phone is rooted with a custom sense rom. I also have some apps to help assist me in longer battery life and phone performance such as SetCPU, Auto Memory Manager, VM Heap Tool, App Cache Cleaner, and Busy Box v1.17.1(due to app needs only reason I am not on 1.19.3). SetCPU in my opinion is an absolute must for your rooted EVO 4G, this app alone increased my battery life by an easy 20% by allowing the phone to drop to 245Mhz while in idle so the processor is not draining my battery when not in use. Secondly Auto Memory Manager is a great performance and battery app as it helps kill apps very well if you're not running a custom rom with an updated task killer built in, I noticed about a 5-10% battery life increase from this app but a major performance increase(my setting is set between mild and aggressive). VM Heap Tool is strictly a performance app that allows you to increase the EVO's stock Heap size of 32m to 48m which allows your apps to have more room to work in with out force closing or locking up the device. App Cache Cleaner is exactly as stated just clears cache off the phone to allow for keeping your memory free and clear of clutter thus helping performance of the device.


With all of that being said lets talk about the battery itself. After unpackaging the batteries and the charger I was immediatly impressed with the charger as it allows me to charge my phone and a spare battery at the same time and is also capable of being used in the car as well. I charged one of the batteries for a solid 24 hours before even placing it in my phone. After 24 hours of it being my phone I had 11hours of on screen time and still had 31% of my battery life remaining. I use a lot of 3G data so needless to say you could call this heavy use for 24hours. The battery also stayed noticeably cooler than my OEM battery during this 24hr period of use. In my unprofessional opinion and initial thoughts on the battery I would give it a solid 10/10. I will continue to keep this up to date as I continue to use the batteries and will do further testing in a 4G data type environment as we all know the 4G antenna likes the juice. I hope I have helped someone looking to improve battery life on their EVO 4G or maybe even another device in which these apps or batteries could help. Feel to ask any questions about my app settings as I have spent much time fine tuning them to work for my needs.



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