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lexington south carolina 4g

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Dose anyone know the deployment for Lexington/columbia south carolina


South Carolina market deployment will not begin until 2013. The 2013 schedule won't be finalized until Fall.



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South Carolina was long a weak state for Sprint. Prior to the Sprint-Nextel merger, essentially all of South Carolina was deeded to Sprint affiliate AirGate Wireless. Furthermore, Sprint held only single PCS D 10 MHz licenses throughout the markets in the state, and that really restricted Sprint's capacity, especially EV-DO data capacity. I did a great deal of research on Sprint's spectrum holdings about 10 years ago. As part of my research, I created this map:




That is/was the bad news. The good news is that Sprint corporate controls all South Carolina markets now. And Columbia is no longer a single license 10 MHz market. Sprint has since acquired an additional 15 MHz of PCS 1900 MHz spectrum, thus now holds a total of 25 MHz of PCS A-F block spectrum in Columbia. For a lower tier top 100 market, Columbia has a very healthy amount of spectrum for CDMA1X, EV-DO, and, much later, additional LTE capacity. The remaining downside for you is that South Carolina remains low priority, likely because the state was such a meagerly run affiliate market for many years that Sprint did not develop much market share.



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So one day I will have a signal inside my house


No, not necessarily. Wireless carriers do not guarantee indoor coverage. In what I described in my previous post, Sprint has acquired additional spectrum in Columbia, and that allows Sprint to improve capacity, not coverage. If you have poor (or no) native Sprint signal inside your house, then you would be wise to add an Airave picocell.



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I have found in my weekly driving from Charlotte to Jacksonville that Sprint service along I-95 bumps between in network and roaming, seems OK on I-26 and I-77 through Columbia, drops into roaming some heading north into Charlotte.. I have someone using Sprint TV and it works OK when not roaming... I can get on 30 minute phone call in SC and not get dropped...


SC never had any WIMAX areas except some protection spots.. I got my EVO on 4G in Orangeburg... but only near the University there... otherwise, no 4G from JAX till Charlotte.. Now with my Galaxy III, no 4G anywhere until they start flipping on JAX and Charlotte for LTE later on this year..

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