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  1. I just did a upgrade on my everything 1500 plan yesterday they add the phone with no questions asked
  2. I use about 15gz or so a mth and they dont say anything to me
  3. Ok here is what I know. So far the the fiber optic they're putting in is spirit fiber they have all of South Carolina and all of North Carolina
  4. Sorry about that its my phone it hates he pages here. I'm trying to find out if they are going to be sprint fiber provider. They are doing a lot of work in sc and nc.
  5. Dose anyone know anything about them they are doing a lot of work in South Carolina and North Carolina is all fiber base too
  6. Should I wait b/c at tax time I was going to buy note 2 what should I do now
  7. I know that they have started work in Myrtle Beach how long would take them to get to Columbia.I have not saw any tickets for them I work for 811 only asking
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