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No LTE, International phone available at Sprint


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I was considering getting a new phone with m upgrade only to discover that Sprint has no phone offerings to fill the void for a 4G smartphone that is also a world phone.... The Photon was the last such device (which i own), but it was only 4G Wimax. Does anyone know of an upcoming device (LTE) that will fill this VOID in Sprint's phone offerings? I had also read that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the capability for being a world phone and that Verizon might be expanding its functionality so it can be a world phone on their network? Anyone have any news about Sprint using the Sammy Galaxy S3 as a worldphone, or perhaps, any new phones in the pipeline? THX...

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I dont think sprint is at the moment going to have a world phone on LTE unless you use the sim they provide in the phone if its even possible because as of the moment you arent able to remove the sim card from the phones unless you take the whole back off and who knows it will even work

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