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  1. I don't know what you're talking about, but I've had smooth handoffs from LTE to eHRPD and vice versa for a year and a half now (maybe even more). The only thing I still see issues with is B25 handing off to a Clearwire B41. I need to close whatever data sessions I have in order to see the band change to Clearwire B41. B25 to B26 and vice versa is flawless). VoLTE to 1xRTT is possible, but it is highly unreliable. I think Sprint is better off just pushing the limits of a weak LTE signal rather than setting a threshold point were calls are handed off to 1x and having a lot of calls drop.
  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Your MB is connected to Band 41. 10 Mbps download sounds about right with that CINR and RSRP it is displaying. You're probably sitting between cells in a null area for B41. The B25 carrier is probably a lot cleaner and is not congested (which is why you get 7-12 Mbps). And before you ask, NO...there is no way to force the MB to choose B25 as the donor band over B41. Only way to do that is to get creative.
  3. I've seen similar behavior on SCP. This was probably the phone scanning bands and SCP just showing it. Very often when I'm in fringe areas or in between towers, I will catch SCP briefly cycle through Sprint B4 and Sprint B12 (or when I'm leaving Clearwire coverage, Clearwire B4, Clearwire B12, Clearwire B25) before finally settling back to normal operation. I've verified that there is no LTE roaming in my neck of the woods, so this is just the phone scanning. 95% sure OP is a case of false alarm. EDIT to add image as an example.
  4. You can't play the blame game on this one. The SMR band was never intended for wideband usage. Roadblocks were to be expected.
  5. AT&T selling off 1,000,000,000 dollars in 600 MHz licenses

    Sure wish SoftBank would get in on some lowband spectrum action.
  6. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    This one was a work in progress as well. Everything looks ready to go, except for that pesky little thing known as electricity . It only had one RRU so I doubt it is one of these multisector Small Cells. But then again, I only got a good look at it from one side. It's quite possible there was another radio attached on the other side. I just find it odd that the pole was painted green. The small cell has a clean line of sight to a Sprint/Clearwire site that is already overloaded. It will be interesting to see if Sprint decides to replace the Clearwire equipment in order to feed the small cell and add capacity to both areas.
  7. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    Anyone else notice Mobilitie using green Steele poles for Sprint's small cells inside the city limits? Very odd they would paint their poles considering Houston has no zoning ordinances. Even more odd they aren't using wooden poles in order to save costs.
  8. That Open World add on was too good to last forever. 1 GB for most of the countries in the Western hemisphere was ridiculously generous.
  9. Then why do I get different prices for Charter than what At&t offers my neighbors down the road? It's not similarly priced.
  10. Your post was pretty self-contradictory. You pretty much blame local government for creating this anti-competitive environment......Yet, you don't want them implementing proactive laws that will prevent future anti-competitive practices by ISPs. In other words;
  11. I used to live in a little small town called Anderson, TX. Ever heard of it? Probably not. It's off the beaten path and has absolutely no grocery stores. Whenever I needed to buy produce, my only choice was the local gas station which carried essentials (potatoes, carrots, oranges, bananas, etc.). But you know what I did if I wanted better variety? I drove my happy ass down to College Station or Conroe to stock up on goods. It wasn't hard and it wasn't impossible. HEB, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, even a damn Michoacana. If I want to buy groceries, I just drive and buy it. If I want Comcast as an ISP, it may as well be impossible. Getting the option of buying from a wide variety of ISPs isn't as easy as getting in your car and driving. You can awe at that number you provided all you want, but it's an alternative fact...nay, it's fake news. Those 45 providers are all spread out among the metroplex and not competing with each other. Stop being dense. They're aren't a threat to each other, hence NO COMPETITION.
  12. This is the exact definition of "alternative facts". A real fact is that I can buy my food from Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Fiesta, Target, Aldi, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and an endless amount of ethnic specialty stores in and around Dallas. I can only get my internet from Spectrum. But keep believing that these two markets are sooo similar .
  13. Nobody is arguing they are. Where did you read this?
  14. If you can't see how ISPs and market stores are Apples to oranges (but closer to manure), then I can't help you. You want to believe your alternatives facts, then knock yourself out.