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  1. greenbastard

    Sprint Home Wifi Router [Wi-Fi Connect][Asus AC66u]

    So the AC66u was named as a vulnerable router against the VPNFilter hack. FBI is recommending that everyone with this model update to the latest firmware and do a factory reboot. The Sprint router wasn't named as being vulnerable. But since it's the same physical router as the AC66u...shoukd we expect Sprint/ASUS to finally rollout an update to the OG firmware?
  2. Outside of small cells, Band 12 is on every tower in my neck of the woods. I stand by my previous statement; 1xRTT BC1 (1900) > VoLTE Band 12 (700). The launch of VoLTE will be very interesting for Sprint. While they do a good job of blanketing entire cities/towns with B26, some UEs will struggle with the upload portion of a voice call.
  3. WCDMA-5 fallback will be huge for At&t if they keep it. VoLTE reliability just isn't cutting it for both T-Mobile and Verizon's lowband LTE. Calls can get too choppy on the upload side at times. In terms of coverage; 1xRTT BC1 (1900 Mhz) > VoLTE Band 12/13 (700 Mhz)
  4. That's funny, because Nebraska's ego was the reason the Big12 almost broke apart. Nebraska got jelly and they couldn't stand not being the center of attention. Fight mode: [ON] off 😁
  5. I thought the same thing at first. Seeing as how they left out CDMA BC10 (Sprint) and LTE B13 (Verizon), it's safe to assume US Cellular worked with OnePlus to get this done. I wouldn't be surprised if the phone is sold in US Cellular stores.
  6. One plus 6 has CDMA support for BC0 and BC1. That's why it works on US Cellular. It's not because of VoLTE.
  7. greenbastard

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Use Wi-Fi. Problem solved.
  8. Hidden behind the last speed increase was also a price increase for me.
  9. I've do remember seeing cell tower equipment installed on one of the stadium's lighting towers and a standalone cell tower next to it. Drove right past it so I didn't really get a good look to see if any of them belonged to Sprint. It must be hard to deploy service there using traditional cell towers/equipment. The stadium/university sit next to a mountain top that sits next to the international border. Too many cell towers, and you cause interference in Mexico. Not enough cell towers and you get coverage holes inside buildings. UTEP is a great candidate for small cells.
  10. That's sort of bittersweet news. Yeah, it's great El Paso is finally seeing upgrades. But it's also a bit frustrating that it's happening on the eve of Massive MIMO (and with the merger looming). This likely means El Paso won't be seeing 64T64R anytime soon. I stayed in downtown El Paso a few years ago and data was slow for Sprint. When I got to the hotel (which had a view of Juarez), I turned off all the Sprint bands and roamed on Movistar. Sadly, it was a more pleasant experience than being on Sprint (or my T-Mobile tablet for that matter). Hopefully I can go back later this year to catch a game at the Sun Bowl. It's one of the few College stadiums I have yet to visit.
  11. I know $200 miilion was chump change in the grand scheme of Capital Expenditure costs, but that money could have prevented some of the layoffs Sprint saw at HQ. The worst part about the Sprint+Tidal cross promotion was that it was a huge missed opportunity by Sprint. Sprint gave away 6 months free at one point to anyone who used the code "Sprint". And the Jay-Z album release promotion was even worse. I remember reading the T-Mobile Reddit and people were gloating about getting the album for free without being a Sprint customer. Considering T-Mobile locks down their T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways, this was a bit infuriating. It was a botched opportunity by Sprint to reward its loyal customers. Sprint buying up all those album copies was the only reason Jay-Z broke digital album sale records those first few weeks. Just a huge SMH moment at Sprint.
  12. I wonder what T-Mobile will do with the 33% ownership of Tidal? Marcelo is also a board member of Tidal. What will happen to that?
  13. greenbastard

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    You should call Sprint and get it removed. While the MagicBox isn't charged a monthly fee, I believe there are taxes associated with it that are charged to you (or at least that was one of the claims made around the web). Maybe someone can verify if this is the case or not. I'd still play it on the safe side and call.
  14. greenbastard

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Just experienced those 6 hours of T-Mobile outage and I hated it. No voice or texts, period! I remember whenever Sprint had outages. I would at least roam on Verizon and have voice/SMS service. Not with T-Mobile. No service all day. This is probably the only negative I can think of to come from this merger for Sprint users.