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  1. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    My biggest question is which of these two will happen to get regulator approval 1. How much spectrum will new T-Mobint have to divest and who will it go to? or 2. What terrible concessions will Big Red and the DeathStar get to keep them happy and further screw the industry?
  2. Moto X 2015 "Pure Edition" [users thread]

    Definitely something that I have missed the last year with the Nexus 6P
  3. Moto X 2015 "Pure Edition" [users thread]

    Both of my TVs natively support miracast, I look for that in a television, so I stick to Samsung and LG. I don't have high speed internet at home, so I use my mobile data to stream, then miracast to have it on the big screen
  4. Moto X 2015 "Pure Edition" [users thread]

    So I've been back on the MXPE for 24 hours and I love and hate it I remember all the good things about the phone, used miracast last night for netflix, etc. Man to I miss fingerprint auth on the Nexus 6P, typing passwords sucks. I also miss Oreo, this thing is good with Nougat, but Oreo with the fill in API would allow Last Pass to pre-populate PWs for me.
  5. According to Android Police, "Google reportedly close to acquiring HTC's smartphone business" The Android Police story is using the following sources: https://ctee.com.tw/News/ViewCateNews.aspx?cateid=kjmd&newsid=160674 http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20170907VL202.html Google has worked with HTC many times on hardware, this could be a very good thing. However, I'm still wary of what they did with Motorola in taking the patents and then selling the leftovers to Lenovo. Motorola hasn't been the same since. HTC is struggling, no matter what this is good for them.
  6. Could be announced tomorrow... http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/09/20/google-acquisition-htc-announced-tomorrow-trading-halted-taiwan/
  7. Galaxy tab e

    I'm taking my Tab E to Sprint to have it wiped and the OS reloaded from scratch. I can't find a tar for the QH2 build recently released. This is the last suggestion that MB support has.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Other thought is that the donor site may have been over saturated from Macro network usage and the backhaul just couldn't keep up. We run into that a lot in Michigan.
  9. Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    I thought only unlocked devices had the MSL 000000
  10. Galaxy tab e

    No changes, that i could tell other than security patches. But an entire years worth of security patches Samsung is testing/building Android 7 for the Tab E, I'm hopeful for one more release.
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Still working with MB support on my Galaxy Tab E not connecting to the MB. Its so odd in the LTE available file, I see the two towers to the East and West, but no mention of the MB. Support requested a factory reset of the Galaxy Tab E so I'm going to try that out tonight
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I thought SMS ran over the CDMA 1x/1xA network
  13. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    SMS doesn't run thru the MB, but the macro network. If your phone can't see the macro network, texting won't work.
  14. Only specs I've really seen leaked are 5.7" screen and based on the unannounced "Mate 8" model. From http://www.breathecast.com/articles/nexus-2015-rumors-news-leaked-video-reveals-specs-of-purported-2015-huawei-nexus-video-30407/ The Mate 7 had a 4100+mah battery, speculation is that this could have the same or bigger. Anything passed through the FCC for a US and/or Sprint version that covers the Spark bands? I'm in the market for a new phone this fall and will be going off contract, buying a Nexus.
  15. Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    I got it late August 2016
  16. Moto X 2015 "Pure Edition" [users thread]

    That little birdie had the Test Drive updated to the September security patches. On a different note, took my Moto X Pure with the busted screen in for a repair to a local shop today. $130 parts/labor, not bad, I have to send my Nexus 6P in for a battery replacement to Hauwei, so I need a functional device for a couple weeks. Will be nice having Miracast back, might be swapping the SIM around when I need to stream Netflix
  17. So much great information here, thanks for the long reply Few notes/additions: 1. West Michigan Tower spacing is terrible, the network was originally built by iPCS before being acquired by Sprint. The layout was at max spacing for phones with external antennas. It has gotten better, but still needs a great deal of densification. 2. Sprint is not doing a good job of keeping users in the B25/B41 rings off from B26. Not sure if it is due to a lack of capacity on B41, but my Nexus 6P would never use B25, it was always B41 or B26, until B26 was disabled. I would be outside walking and see one or two macro sites in Lansing, MI, would never touch B25. Something with the load balancing or priority is funky. I've tried to work with Sprint support a few times, but it never leads anywhere. 3. Towers in West Michigan follow the freeways for the most part, so if the town/city is a mile or two from the freeway, B41 is under utilized. 4. 10x10 B25 seems to be under utilized in this region, always great performance when on that carrier
  18. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Are sites live with four B41 carriers?!?!
  19. That's what I thought too, but it wasn't the experience. Just think about any one in their house with a phone in their pocket, or an older home with poor RF reception. They'll be in the area you'd expect B41 or B25, but they will move to B26, then stay there.
  20. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Interesting, no B71 for TMobile 600Mhz LTE
  21. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    Are the specs out on the LTE connectivity for the Watch? Triband?
  22. Be prepared for it to get overwhelmed very quickly and basically unusable. Not trying to be debbie downer, but on the westside of Michigan, B26 has become a joke. I had to disable it on my Nexus 6P
  23. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Well that's interesting, can I PM you for some information to share with MB support?
  24. Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Update: According to Hauwei, my device is under warranty until November 21st and they will replace the battery for free, however, they don't offer swaps or replacements. I'll be without a phone for a 7-10 days. I don't have any spare devices as my Ex-wife destroyed them all over the last few years. Need to get the screen replaced on my Moto X Pure so I can utilize that before sending this one in. I also have to fully wipe the device and clear anything from it, ugh!