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  1. Network Vision/LTE - Columbus Market

    just leaving the OSU game with 106k people in attendance, overall Sprint did ok. Didn’t lose signaly iPhone 7 was stuck on b25 with 1 mbps. I was able to send and receive texts and iMessages with no issues. Loading webpages was a drag but eventually loaded.
  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I plugged it back in and speeds dropped but not to be below 1mbps like before. CINR was 8.3 and it was still connected to B41. Maybe the tower it is pulling from is at a distance. That would be my guess.
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    no issues with connecting to my MB after the update.
  4. iOS11 - now available.

    Did calling plus make it?
  5. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    That actually would be kinda funny.
  6. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    hmm. weeks away...ok. I'll believe it when the announcement drops. Hey look on the brighter side, you'll get "free" stuff. With something of this size merging, I wonder how much spectrum Sprint will have to divest. Hell I would even say some of that 600 may have to go bye. If they do actually merge all I want is be to able to keep my UF plan.
  7. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I hope so and for the better.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Thanks, I'll do this tonight and check it out in the case the speeds drop.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Ill do that. I know I unplugged it when I left for work today (Lets not let the neighbors suffer lol). On the relay screen, Is there something in particular I should look for?
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Wow they are really tracking these things. The speeds are good but there are random times that that my speeds will just drop below 1mbps. When this happens, it will stay like that for a hour or more. This happens maybe 3 or 4 times a day.
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Will Sprint know if I keep my Magic box unplugged after its been fully set up? It works great but there are times where it will kill my data for a hour or more. Without the box I can I pick up 10x10 B25 with the speeds of 6-10 down. With the MB I pick up 41 and have speeds maxing out at 60.
  12. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Has there been any info as to the RF on the 8/8+ and X? I wonder if its the same/ better or worse than last years iPhones.
  13. I'm glad things are really ramping up fast for Sprint. I think that both Sprint and T-Mobile can really stand on their own without a merger between the two. I would rather them not merge but we'll see what happens.
  14. Ok the green areas on the map that is labeled as expanded coverage, is that what it'll look like once finished or is the green the towers and the coverage will expand much further once live?
  15. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    After Like 4 hours and doing the ##update# on the phone.