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  1. The more they update, the more my N5 and N7 are getting sluggish.
  2. I called a land line for testing
  3. I'm testing the WiFi calling on my mother in laws G3 . it takes forever to call more than 30 sec to dial then failed to connect
  4. Rochelle,DeKalb same issue
  5. With the new update . the skin doesn't crash anymore
  6. I'm in Rockford right now(10AM Harrison st and Mulford Rd) less than 2 miles from the mall. LTE 41 is between -108, and -112 outside .speed test wasn't bad 26/27 for download and less than 2 for upload .as soon u get inside the building that's another story lol
  7. My nexus 5 didn't pass the Illinois extreme weather test LOL..I left my phone in the car last night and the phone refused to start until on top the heat vent
  8. I'm in Parkville for 3 days .been connected to clear wire B41 since I got here with with download speed up to 32 Mbps and 12 up(Nexus 5) I wish where I live in IL is that good
  9. The only app got effected by lollipop on my phone was "Here" maps by Nokia
  10. On my way from DeKalb to Rochelle I picked up B41 last night .is this a signal check bogus/ error ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/xa74omhw8m5wqre/Screenshot_2014-11-18-21-35-30.png?dl=0
  11. Fixed. deleted here beta 0.74 and installed beta 220
  12. Nokia here map stopped working after the 5.0 update
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