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  1. They had to have because my roommate has verizon and when I was roaming I couldn't make calls and couldn't send texts.
  2. I'm sure a state of emergency is an important time to provide customers with the best network possible. T-Mobile and at&t did it why does it make it any different in this case?
  3. Yeah that was really pissing me off too. But I just got power back but still I cant even send texts from my phone kinda sucks but oh well
  4. I can't even make phone calls constantly roaming and my phone keeps losing battery because of it. Its not helping that I don't have power either and I live in New Brunswick decent sized city
  5. . I can't even do that online my account cant be changed online and if I call in too much they might realize that I'm not a RadioShack employee anymore :-X
  6. Yeah I never go that way but im so close to the towers just need them to move up route 18
  7. Didn't sprint technically release LTE for Manhattan? I'll be going thru Manhattan today on the A train to penn station then back to the jersey side so I'll post my results.
  8. I'm sorry I have family that would rather ask me for directions than 411. Not my problem if you don't no need to be an ass.
  9. I'm still stuck at a whopping .2-.4 Mbps not much improvement here in jersey, but if I go east a bit from here it's pretty nice where the 3G towers have been upgraded. I get around 1 mbps man do I miss T-Mobile surprisingly enough.
  10. Looks like its hitting jersey slowly its just missing me and its killin me!
  11. we need this for sprint it would be great
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