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  1. This site looks to be potentially a comounted Sprint Clearwire Site which I have seen on rooftop installs but not as a monopole. it could be that the Clearwire gear is connected via Microwave with other sites.
  2. Probably colocated at the local switch or the nearest Sprint IP Backbone POP
  3. This is something I've also been curious about. If you can pullup that IpV6 address would be interesting to see if it's a real IPv6 address. I think most devices that support ipv6 assing themselves a generic IP address in the ipv6 realm even if the network doesn't give it one, just like many devices do with a v4 address.
  4. I remember seeing on Sprint's ERT facebook a post about them having their new COWs and COLTS with 4g recertified to travel on military transport.
  5. Sorry to hijack 2 posts, once iDen is shutdown in the coming weeks after June 30th the 800mhz Spectrum will be freed up and since many sites already have the 800mhz RRU already installed they will be able to remotely control the base stations and enable 800mhz radio's on sites that are already completed.
  6. Network Vision wont be slowed down because of the iDen decommissioning as the companies who are removing the equipment are entirely different companies then the ones who are installing the gear. IE. The decommissioning contracts were awarded separately from Network vision.
  7. With the days limited I wish I still had an iDen device to see it happen
  8. Eventually at some point down the road, Sprint will decommission CDMA once everything and everyone goes VoLTE CDMA will no longer be needed. It will start with down the road as MORE AND MORE devices are LTE and they see usage on the 3g network dropping and more traffic on LTE they can shift carriers around without any physical change. But sooner then later you may see them doing a bit of a shift like T-Mobile did take the number of 2G gsm channels down and use them to retune their HSPA network.
  9. That's a bit up in the air, Sprint is going towards 1X Advanced for now which provides increased coverage and capacity, and since VoLTE still has some maturity issues some carriers including Verizon have put off the process for a little while. From my understanding there is some serious battery drain issues.
  10. Yes I'm a Multiple Phone carrying person but I love my Optimus G so far, radio performance might actually seem a little better then my Photon Q. If I'm correct this device has 800MHZ SMR so will be interesting to see how in some of the subterranean depths of Manhattan I pass through 800MHZ performs since Nextel works very well in some of the depths. Now bring on the Jelly Beans!
  11. Yeah from my traceroutes on Sprint's nothing goes through Kansas city for no good reason especially out here on the east coast with major hubs for connections in DC and NY. The connections from each tower are a private point to point connection via metro ethernet/fiber no public internet is involved until the connection reaches through the MSC in your respective area, no VPN's as that as complexity and reliability issues.
  12. On my commute I stare for cell towers but in some of the more "well to do" townships and localities that I pass through on my commute from Philadelphia to NYC and back everyday they are stealth and quite a few Cell-Pines along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor in NJ.
  13. or When having iPhone5 Data Problems, Told me "The Towers Are Weird Like that" when several coworkers have Sprint devices no 3g issues, had my tri-fi in 3g only mode and my moms android running data and the only device not connecting to 3g was the iPhone. Needless to say I returned it for that. But don't dare ask an entry level rep ANYTHING about Network Vision.
  14. Well There will not be at this point be any Huawei equipment in the Network Vision project... Potentially depending on what happens with the Clearwire Spectrum they could be pressed into service since Clear has already done some business with them and has some network elements from them.
  15. Not to make this a MTA NYCT Discussion but the weekend work on the 7 is to Install "Communications Based Train Control" when the R188 comes out the 7 will be computer controlled for hopefully more trains during rush hour.
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