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  1. Has this worked well for you? Do calls drop while moving? Does it work for both inbound and outbound?
  2. I've done this with rootmetrics data, but it doesn't exactly tell you a user's experience. I really want to know about handoff experience on the upgraded network. Is streaming seamless when handing off between bands and towers?
  3. So are there any options for voice and data on Sprint, without using Wifi?
  4. Is the Nexus 6 hardware ready for CA with Sprint? Any rough timelines on CA and VoLTE for Sprint in Chicago?
  5. Such as? Tmobile would increase their current 10 + 10 band 4 LTE carrier to 15 +15 in Chicago in mid June.
  6. A source in their Tmobile's engineering area told me they're going to rollout 15 + 15 LTE in mid June, but I don't know if that will help enough. Anyone have any information on when Chicago would get VoLTE? Also, one of my biggest issues when I was with sprint was that on the move, I couldn't stream video due to it dropping down to 3g. Is this resolved now, are hand offs improved?
  7. Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some insight from some Chicagoland Sprint users. I left Sprint for Tmobile February of last year and the Tmobile speeds have been great. However, now that so many have jumped ship, my speeds at work are now dismal. I now experience .2-.5 mbps during the workday, where they used to be 7-12 mbps. My questions for you guys are... 1. Has Sprint rolled out VoLTE in Chicago? 2. Can I expect to travel throughout Chicagoland (Elgin, Naperville, Lakeview) without dropping down to 3G? 3. What are the consistent average speeds seen on Sprint these days? This can be broken down by band if need be. Thank you!
  8. jman02

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    6 days since the spark update was released and I am still showing no update available. I read the blog about only releasing to 1% for the first 24-48 hours and then 25% each day after.
  9. Which forum topic would be the best location to discuss band 41, band 26 sightings? I know that premier members have access to maps with the 41 band deployment, however some of us cannot afford that level of membership. Can we and where should we post regarding this? On this note, I was able to pick up band 41 on N St Clair St & E Huron St in Chicago last Tuesday and pulled 22 down and 0.8 mbits up.
  10. Does anyone here in the Chicago market have a more direct way of logging network tickets with Sprint? It seems like one has to jump through hoops to log one and often times I don't think they are actually worked. Anyone more familiar with the process on Sprint's end as far as their escalations / work process? Most of the issues I am facing are with towers that are broadcasting LTE, but no data can be sent or recieved. Sometimes this is the entire tower and sometimes just one sector. Thanks. Also, as a side note, I was at a Cubs game this Saturday and could not send or recieve any data for the entire game. Does Sprint not care about these situations? Do they take any steps to increase capacity in the area?
  11. All, I've been following Sprint's NV in the Chicagoland area since early this year, and now that we're seeing LTE, the question comes to mind, "What now?". More specifically, what are some good uses for LTE? I know that I've struggled with buffering with internet radio and videos, but are there practical uses that require more than a stable 2-3 mbps connection? Please help build a list of ways to make use of our new LTE connections. YouTube HD video Skype video calls Internet radio (Slacker, Pandora, Spotify) VoIP calls Thanks
  12. LTE in Gilberts when I got home last night, and in Elgin at the metra station to Barlett this morning. 3-4 mbps down / 1-2 mbps up in Gilberts and 10-12 mbps down and 5-8 mbps up in Elgin.
  13. Wow, thank you for the detailed reply. I guess from the outside looking in, it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't use the existing 0325 and an additonal 0725 carrier for EVDO as well. You mentioned that, in Chicago, a tower would have no more than three carrriers, but I believe you mentioned only two channel possibilities. EV-DO: 0325, 0725. Can you please explain what the channel assignments would be for three EVDO carriers on a tower? Thank you in advance.
  14. I work a stones throw from woodfield mall in Schaumburg and my 3g speeds are always horrible (network congestion, sub 300 kb). I've been toggling airplane mode today, however I always get channel 325 for EVDO. Could it be that such a congested tower would only have one carrier? 1x is on 350. Is anyone familar with what channels Sprint is able to deploy in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago (Schamburg, Elgin)? Thanks.
  15. Now my phone's signal behavior makes more sense. When traveling on I-90 eastbound, it will hang on to either a tower at Roselle Rd (CH13XC005) or in Palatine (CH01XC172) for dear life. Almost everytime, the signal becomes too weak and the call drops. It quickly regains full bars on CH01XC105. Robert: I'm guessing that CH13XC005 and CH01XC172 are remaining orphaned legacy towers and the rest of the nearby towers at this intersection (I-90 and I-290) have been upgraded?
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