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  1. I have this exact issue with a XsMax, in WV.
  2. 1x in these areas sometimes make simple phone calls fail. I wish we had the mobile selection menu on iOS that T-Mobile allows so I could force over to US cellular in some locations.
  3. Shentel posts new future updates. Look at that WV eastern panhandle getting love! Currently 3G only area now. https://unlimityourdata.com/mynetwork/
  4. Screenshot below! It actually fills in values now! iOS 12 beta 1 has 32.5.29 as the carrier update.
  5. Seems to be very minor. One area, Cumberland now shows the coverage in voice too. In my previous post, the area only had LTE data showing. See what I mean here: https://imgur.com/a/XdXaKGU However, there isn’t any native LTE yet. Just 3G.
  6. Post any changes you find! Link: https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp? In Cumberland, zip code 21502: These areas are now being shown as 4G LTE! However, they are not. They are still 3G only. The last map had them at Extended LTE, but now there is 4G LTE covering, yet it's only 3G? Shentel confirmed to me that these areas are being upgraded in Q3 with new towers being added, but it's only Q2? UPDATE: If you look in the "VOICE" map, these areas are shown as "Extended" so I guess this is T-Mobile data roaming? Look at these images: https://imgur.com/a/hItzGJz
  7. Hey! Another West MD user. I feel they will keep this as USC roams on Sprint outside of native areas.
  8. Shentel has confirmed to me over Facebook Messenger that the 4 towers near Cumberland/Frostburg are being migrated to Shentel control / adding 4G to these towers in Q3 of 2018. Adding on, they confirmed that more towers will be added to enhance coverage. These towers are also being added to Mineral County, WV. They also will confirm this with a press release/marketing information when this is settled, and the towers are 4G with more than just 4.  This website will be updated at the end of Q2 with what I’ve stated today. http://unlimityourdata.com/mynetwork/
  9. In Cumberland, Maryland I experience this exact issue, however with US Cellular LTE. These areas are only covered with 3 3G only towers in which data and texts are broken, but calls works. I have made a lot of reports with he executive office and it seems now that they removed the 3G coverage completely and only have Extended LTE shown.
  10. Do we live in the same area? I experience this exact situation.
  11. I wish roaming would kick in sooner, or in areas where Sprint hasn’t brought up LTE. For example, in areas of a Sprint 3g only tower, it should realize there’s LTE signal and kick into that.
  12. On a side note, try posting this poll to Reddit /r/technology, Apple, android etc. I think the results are skewed being this is a Sprint forum.
  13. Wonder US Cellular Extended LTE agreements will work. T-Mobile already roams in areas of US Cellular VoLTE, but with Sprint they have unlimited roaming in areas from 1x, 3g and LTE.
  14. Post below what changes you notice. EDIT: Seems that Cumberland, MD has 3G only data back on the map. Last month they removed it completely, but the towers are still on. The map is highly inaccurate having 3G only data in areas where there are Extended LTE coverage, and vice versa.
  15. I'm over in Allegany County in Cumberland. I hope Shentel still shows me how good they can be soon...
  16. Hey! I donated yesterday but didn’t receive anything.

  17. 3G sites in Cumberland are now just 1x... and shows Sprint in status bar version Extended when actually roaming. Here are some screenshots https://imgur.com/a/ILmkq
  18. More updated areas onto 21502 (Cumberland, Maryland) and surrounding areas, those 3G areas were reported on the app a few times, and I had made a case number last week, so I'm curious if they turned off the towers for it. Other locations in which I see these changes: Frostburg, Maryland - 21532. When traveling through these areas, the phone would stick to Sprint 3G and then hook back onto Extended LTE when leaving the areas. I'm glad to see that these changes are now full Extended, but I wonder if they have kicked into effect, as I was there this past week and it was still 3G. On the case number, i1335175766 if any employees want to check it.
  19. Map was updated. One change I saw was in 21502, the Sprint 3G and more areas are now full Extended LTE
  20. Will be traveling to Petersburg WV from Cumberland MD tomorrow. I will Sensorly/RootMetrics/OpemSignaln in iOS the trip. Should be full of LTE now with USC Roaming.
  21. Does Apple Watch work in extended LTE areas? Like on the Coverage Map that counts against the actual data plan and not roaming.
  22. Update: ignore what I said, (I stated I was in Frostburg, MD and had LTE on Sprint [or at least what my phone]. I was just roaming on USC and it showed Sprint).
  23. It's not that bad when you get into La Vale, as then you hook onto US Cellular's Extended LTE. Thanks. Hopefully we see changes here soon. I see in your signature you have sponsor maps for WV/MD. Would I donate to the site to access those to see where these towers are?
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