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  1. Giving away TWO beast gaming monitors!! LETS GO! https://t.co/TotmCoNENk #JoshOG #DucksFlyTogether

  2. @LinksysCares Bought your new WRT32X. No OpenVPN server or PPTP? Advertised on your product page no where in firmware. Need fix or returning

  3. Chick-fil-A: Free Breakfast Coupon: https://t.co/I479lhUCZo

  4. Is verizon still expanding coverage, increasing density or have they capped out with their spectrum available?
  5. With Sprints recent changes, they should be rank 1 in 2H 2017 rootmetrics NYC
  6. AT&T will probably end up number 1 in rootmetrics by middle of next year?
  7. Then they should be prepared to lose about 10mil subscribers this round rightfully so.
  8. What do you think verizon will do to comeback at tmobile? Do you think they will just stay silent and keep everything the same?
  9. Tmobile will easily take a lot of verizon customers away with their latest promotion. Verizon will probably drop to #2 below AT&T due to this #getoutofthered promo.
  10. Because they did not have their act together, now they are leveraging their whole spectrum.
  11. No one can compete with sprint once their b41 is dense enough. No other carrier has these many resources once implemented.
  12. The way that sprint is closing the gap as of recent, they should be number 1 or 2 in every market they service.
  13. Deploying small cells is expanding coverage when the macro's cannot even service customers during congestion. That is what I meant, but more importantly, Sprint seems to be closing the gap on verizon very successfully as of recent.
  14. Seems like sprint is expanding the network rapidly at this point, but verizon does not seem to be doing much. Is it likely that sprint will surpass verizon network coverage/reliability wise soon due to their efforts?
  15. 1x800 in Hawaiian Gardens! As close as I have seen to SBC so far. Might just be testing because it keeps going back and forth to 1xRTT.
  16. Noticing LTE sticking in a lot more areas than before due to widespread 2nd carrier b25.
  17. Noticing the exact same thing as you in the yorba linda/placentia area (north OC)
  18. I hope the announcement is that San Bernardino rebanding is almost complete and they are firing up b26 in so-Cal/Vegas
  19. Well I do not want to skew their big data in any way, so I will leave my case off and hopefully others follow. This way their optimization will be better.
  20. I am now using my galaxy s6 without a case. Hopefully this helps sprint analyze data using their big data tools more accurately.
  21. No, it will probably help sprint optimize the network properly too right?
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