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  1. Hi Everyone. With the carrier merger agreement pending, I wanted to see what you guys think for us using the 800 MHZ band. How will Sprint users be affected by the Dish purchase of Sprint's 800 MHZ as it will be pulled away I expect reasonably soon. I am wondering once the merger deal is finalized and Sprint has to relinquish their 800 band, will that mean "so long" to broad ranging LTE coverage using a fairly new legacy Sprint phone? Thanks.
  2. I did want to add here. I did listen to HD radio with my old car, but when I lost it, I determined there is a better alternative and haven't looked back. The web provides so many more streaming options and our beloved Sprint, allows me to stream hundreds of stations and music services as I want. For us who have Sprint unlimited data plans, it is better than radio or HD radio. The limitiations of Clear Channel and the other large radio station owners have bleached local radio in my opinion. Sprint and the web offer me far more to listen to and enjoy as I travel.
  3. I believe it was posted somewhere but does anyone remember if there is a site map showing the outsourced vendor responsible for updating the particular regions, such as Ericsson, Samsung, etc? This site is large so I am having trouble finding the locations.
  4. I hope the 800 upgrades start spreading up to the Huntersville area soon. As long as one stays near I-77, things are pretty nice with at least a weak 4G in most areas. Here in north Huntersville after you go east a mile or so away from I-77 however, it is tough to pull anything beyond weak 3G on my LG G2, and on Sammy S4. We can only muster about -105dbm or less on either 1xRTT or eHRPD near our house in that area. The inside signals at my home in a busy neighborhood are awful as always. I called and they said H-ville was receiving updates in April, but here in June that appears to not ha
  5. The G2 purchase was a no brainer for me. At the point of my pre-order, I bought it from Best buy for $99, minus a $50 gift cert. This is by far the best phone I have owned and at a killer price. I love the phone and when comparing it to my wife's Sammy S4, it seems so much smoother and refined. For the money in my opinion, nothing touches it when comparing to other phones. Especially when comparing it to the Note 3's much more expensive cost. I love the N3 but just didn't see the extreme price differences for my uses. As you can tell, I am very satisfied with the G2 even as Sprint is sti
  6. Some of us have been waiting for the big, bad tri-band G2 since August, so I guess I can wait one more day to get the phone....
  7. I receieved an email this morning from Best Buy saying I can come pickup my G2 on Friday, Nov 8. So, I expect to go pick it up mid morning on Friday. I hope there are not too many people there getting the G2, or the other new phones that are coming out on the 8th, but will see how crowded it may be. I had purchased from the BB store a couple of weeks ago with the $99 deal with $50 gift cert coming. Hopefully can finally pick it up Fri morning. Whew.....
  8. Thanks for the clarification on NV1.0 vs 2.0 That makes sense. Here's hoping that the 800mhz band is not delayed as much as the 2.5ghz band overall.
  9. It just seems to me that this may also be a way of communicating the not so good news as it sounds like the NV updates are no longer going to be almost completed even by late 2014 (limited to some cities) and may take years longer even. I know the ntwk is changing but believe many expected the "Spark" updates to be almost completed by end of 2014. I could be wrong but it sort of appears they have used this great communication and marketing push (finally!!!) to also send out the later than hoped delivery dates for the overall NV vision. . Oh well, as long as they continue to work on it I am
  10. The next week will start dragging like crazy as the G2 date approaches. Has anyone heard any different dates for Best Buy getting in their allotment of G2's? I pre-ordered at a BB store a little over a week ago so expect it to arrive there. Just wondering if anyone has heard if they are getting them in on 11/8 as well?
  11. Is anyone yet certain that Best Buy will have the 32gig version of the Sprint G2? When about to pre-order it there for $99 (for existing Sprint customers) the cust svc person via chat said it was the 16gig model. Of course I had thought only 32gig versions were to be used and tried to tellthem that. The BB Cust Svc person said they were sure their G2 for Sprint will be 16gig though. Does anyone here know for sure that this is incorrect and that Best Busy will sell the normal 32gig version? They do not have the memory size posted anywhere on their site so I just can't be sure. 16gig and no
  12. Okay, that makes sense. Too bad then.....
  13. I have a question from the above statement about all of Sprint's phones will have tri-band capability. Do we know that all of the Sprint phones being sold as of January 2014 will have Tri-Band capability? Phones like the S4, HTC One, Note 3, for example? I had not heard that as I thought that the line, if introduced before 2014, would always have the same radios and FCC approvals unless resubmitted. What is the scoop for the phones that are sold as of Jan 2014?
  14. I had such high hopes but it is now turning into disappointments this year. I sat for many months waiting for the right phone. This has been a major release year and one would think a phone would be coming that could fill 2 common requests, as well as utilize Sprint’s new network. I almost jumped on the Sammy GS4 with my wife, she went for it but I held out waiting for the upcoming promised Tri-band phones. Late July into August, here came the LG G2. I first lusted over it when reading about it in very early Aug. It had what I was looking for, the SD slot, removable battery, and I am think
  15. This is a great discussion. One thing that occurs to me with this however is where the Android phones are going in the future. It appears that most ff the phone manufacturers are moving us to the built-in non-removable battery. Even the much anticipated LG G2, has the locked-in non-removable battery and has caused me to possibly not consider it, even though I love the tri-band receiving feature it will have. My family has a few phones and we all have had to purchase new batteries after a year of so as the batteries with them have tended to fade. This will be an issue with the new wave of p
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