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  1. Do we know if any of this new work will eventually spill into the western Dakotas?
  2. Any update on the Canadian IBEZ situation? Or even whether or not this God forsaken area of the country(North Dakota/Northern Minnesota) will ever see B26?
  3. We up here in North Dakota/Northern Minnesota have often heard of this rare B26 bird, but don't know if we'll ever see it fly up here. Or even that other rare bird-B41!
  4. Not exactly what you're looking for, but probably as close as we can get in the near future: http://specmap.sequence-omega.net/ Interesting map. So, for the uneducated, does this map indicate that if there are no 800MHZ or 2600MHZ holdings in a particular area, that area will not get B26, or B41? Or, just that it will be a longer wait?
  5. Watch This

    LG G3

    No, I have my homepage set to Google. I found that if I turn off "Merge Tabs and Apps" in Chrome settings, Chrome will open properly to my homepage-or the last page I had visited(just like before Lollipop). If I then turn "Merge Tabs and Apps" back on, it will revert right back to what my screenshot showed.
  6. Watch This

    LG G3

    Getting this everytime I open Chrome now. Just a different random Document # each time. Can't seem to find anything online on this. Anybody else figure it out?
  7. Watch This

    LG G3

    So, I am having a dilemma, and I must be the only one, because I can't find anything on the subject. I cannot for the life of me, take a screenshot without the damn volume bar in it. I have gotten it to work a couple times, but just dumb luck. I don't know if it's just Fred Flintstone fingers or what. Does anyone else have trouble? Or have a better way to do it? sorry if this has been discussed, I didn't see anything.
  8. Watch This

    LG G3

    Are there any others that haven't got the ZV6 update yet? Patience is not one of my strong suits.
  9. No complaints about Midcontinent. They have really stepped up their game the last several years. Sign me up!
  10. That's a bummer. Was hoping North Dakota was going to get a little more love from Sprint. Thanks Robert for checking it out, sorry you had to sacrifice your wife's car in the process. Just glad everyone is ok (well, except for the deer)!
  11. Watch This

    LG G3

    Can anyone explain this one to me. I have the roaming guards unchecked, yet every time I get in a roaming area, i get the pop up warning me. Even if I check the "don't show me this again" box, it still pops up every time? Is this something new Sprint is forcing on the phones to combat Data roaming? Or do I not have something set right?
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