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  1. That is interesting. We had a five day period about two weeks ago when everybody I knew in the area with sprint, including me were dropping calls like crazy.
  2. centermedic


    If I recall he said he could not turn it on. Also there is supposed to be a live LTE tower nearby. Even if there was not a LTE site close enough I'm sure they could have set up a mobile one. I personally think it would have been wise to light up the LTE for the event.
  3. centermedic


    However, your statement combined with Roberts report of being locked out of LTE makes me wonder if the LTE radio has not cleared the fcc yet or may be the specific radio that they had for the event has not passed yet.
  4. Sorry, i don't carry a tape measure with me
  5. Yup. In my experience they only reach about two hundred feet. I'm sure the y can hit 500 unobstructed, which is still pretty good when you compare it to wifi signals.
  6. centermedic


    A little disapointed in the battery but thats ok. I was planing on getting a portable charger anyhow.
  7. Don't think so. It does not happen all of the time. It happened twice today and both times I looked at the screen to see if anything was amiss and everything looked fine. No messages no roaming just a strong sprint signal.
  8. The way its been explained to me is that when you have towers too close to one another it causes major issues. DO might be able to mitigate the issue but I don't know enough to make that determination. I would question why they are not keeping iden towers that are not too close to a Sprint tower.
  9. It happened to me today when I was at least 200 feet from any residential structure.
  10. Hmmm. I should not be. I frequent what is probably the best geographical area for sprint signals. Next time it happens I will check to make sure.
  11. I get three pings/beeps when placing a call. I used to think this was an airave connection but recently it has been happening more often and in places that an airave should not be present. Does anybody know what this is?
  12. Actually Fuquay tends to be a bit spotty on 3g but Cary has pretty good coverage. Do you have any issues elsewhere in Wake Copunty? When was the last time you updated your prl?
  13. Actually Sprint bought Centel in 1993 and sold it off in 95 I think. Centel went on to become Alltel(presumably CDMA). They then started a GSM network in the DC/Baltimore area in 1995. Later they switched to CDMA(1999?) and sold the GSM assets to Ominipoint which became Voicestream and then T-Mobile.
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