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  1. I truly agree. It is really incredible how committed Sprint it. To think Sprint is spending money on hard to reach places, to reach the few subscribers on each area is truly unprecedented. Not only that but improving many other things as discussed not necessarily Sprint related. Bringing infrastructure is really a game changer. Kudos to Sprint!!
  2. Let me explain... I live on the outskirts of Oakboro, NC. For years broadband internet, more specifically DSL has been out of reach for many around these parts. Windstream the local provider, and before them CTC ( Windstream bough them about 5 years ago) have constantly said that a remote DSLAM was impossible to cover the area. Citing every time 6 figures for such upgrades. With that the hope for DSL, let alone any type of broadband service was out of the minds of many. The Sprint tower that services the area is located at 557 Richard Rd Polkton, NC 28135. It has been interesting monitoring the tower, and how the NV upgrades will work out. Because of the area where the tower is located, and what I explained above, I thought the backhaul would be Microwave. To the surprise of many, Windstream did in fact create a new DSLAM to service the tower. You can literally follow the wiring on the almost non existent utility poles to the Tower. Now magically everyone is serviced ( within approx. 23,000 feet of course) with DSL. With that in mind, the NV upgrade of this tower has not only increased my 3G speeds, upwards of 2 mbps, before was close to 1 mbps. But now the area is serviced by DSL. This would not have been possible without the NV upgrades. The local residents for years have been asking for DSL. N Carolina 742 & Flint Ridge Rd, New Salem, NC 28103 is where the new DSLAM is located that services the tower further east. I wonder how many other communities, neighborhoods, towns, and cities have benefited from upgrades as the one I described in remote areas of the country. New DSLAM: Before no DSLAM: Tower:
  3. The main thing you have to consider is "other" interference, and line of sight. I also live in the county, and have used wireless intercoms ( Residential gate), they were rated at 500 feet. I have been able to use them as far out as 1500 feet due to a clear line of view, and no one else out here but me, hence no interference. As the post above mine, I have Wireless IP camera's, one by the gate mentioned above, and another by a pond, also far from home. They both seem to extend beyond what they are rated for.
  4. No problems at all on Charlotte.
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