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  1. demumc

    HTC M8/New Flagship

  2. I understand what and where AJ is coming from. Abuse needs to be curtailed. Whether he thinks 3-5 GB a month is abuse is can't say. When the time comes that is be necessary to switch plans I am fully prepared. But for now, the $60 a year I save in not switching can be used as my subsidy for when I do upgrade.
  3. I'm not aware that they can force you to buy insurance. Maybe they are taking notes from the Government. I can't remember if I dropped insurance when I bought my original EVO or after when I got my current EVO LTE. In either case I take care of my phones. The only issue I had was the charging port on my original EVO.
  4. In speaking to a chat representative I was told I can upgrade and stay on the Everything Data 450 plan along with sign a new 2 year agreement. Since I will not be switching to another provider that is fine with me. Even if I have to pay full price for an upgrade it will still cost less in the long run. Unless I am forced off I will keep this plan. I know my father still had the first incoming minute free plan until 2-3 years ago when he closed his account. With that in mind it is possible to keep plans for longer than people would think.
  5. I keep more than enough around that I don't need insurance and I have a 20% discount from work. Those make up the difference of my $75-76 a month to your $108.
  6. I have an everything data plan 450, single line with an upgrade available. I use between 3-5 GB of data a month and currently pay $66 a month before taxes with a 20% work discount. Most of my family has their own lines with Sprint, the one that does not has Verizon and will not switch. Changing to my way plan with unlimited data would cost me $74 and the framly plan would clost $71. Even when upgrades and subsidies are discontinued it is cheaper staying with my current plan. I usually keep a phone approximately 2 years, give or take.
  7. demumc


    Anyone have issues with the stock browser automatically closes and when reopened loads the home page?
  8. demumc

    Premiere Sponsor

    This might be better. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/5198-special-premier-sponsor-offerfor-the-holiday-season-through-new-years-eve/
  9. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - Long Island Market

    I only run Sensorly when I know there is a signal and it hasn't been mapped. I should set it up to upload on Wi-Fi only though.
  10. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - Long Island Market

    It took over 13 minutes before I saw LTE while mapping on sensorly in Sands Point. I have the EVO LTE and can't wait till triband and January 1.
  11. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - Long Island Market

    LTE is alive in Port Washington, NY. Just did a little mapping and will do a little more tonight.
  12. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - Long Island Market

    Which school is that? I'm currently getting 4G in New Hyde Park. I'll map FP if there is a signal Saturday.
  13. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    That is correct, they share the space up top of the M bldg with Verizon. Unfortunately, they arrived shortly before I normally leave but they told me today was testing. The site has been broadcasting LTE for maybe a month plus now, only usable from the 5th floor. I will add to the map on sensorly when available.
  14. demumc

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Oakland Gardens should be up soon. They came this morning for testing and I've heard they were at the site all last week.