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  1. When do you think we will be able to order the new Nexus devices? Early November?
  2. What kind of speeds are people seeing in these markets? I'm thinking of switching back to Sprint from AT&T but the phone I'm looking at online isn't on the list, but if speeds are worth the extra cost I might grab one of those phones instead. I can't believe the deal right now on the LG G3, $12.50 a month on easy pay brings it to $300 for the phone which is absurd for that device. Through the cut your bill in half website I'm getting an offer of $25.50 a month for unlimited everything and with the G3 I would only be paying $38 a month plus tax. I almost feel obligated to pull the trigger.
  3. Now I could live with that...I might have to break down and get an s2 even though I think samsung is the devil just so I can get some work done. Its gotten to where I cant even download attachments for work unless Im on wifi using my g2 or iphone.
  4. What kind of speeds does he get with wimax? I had an evo but never even tried using wimax because it drained my battery so fast.
  5. Do you guys know if WiMAX is still up and running here in the Denver area? I'm thinking of getting an evo or s2 so I can deal with these horrible data speeds until the nv build out is done.
  6. What in the hell is going on with that? I ordered my 32gb on the 1st and I definitely don't have a tracking number yet. Hell and you're a cornhusker to boot. What has this world come to...
  7. Did anyone else finally get their shipping date updated this morning? I ordered mine on the 1st and it said 2-3 weeks now it says shipping November 22nd which obviously sucks since that date is exactly three weeks from my order date.
  8. I might have to grab one then. I'm itching to see if the tri band will pick up the clear wire lte build out here in Denver.
  9. So I'm seeing a couple sprint lg g2 listings on eBay. How could someone even have one yet? Seems a little sketch
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