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  1. 10 years with Sprint and I am saying farewell to them. I signed up with Verizon last night. Just waiting for our new phones to come in before it's final. I loved Sprint and wanted to see them turn into the #1 or #2 carrier, but after years of slow LTE buildout, and them not caring for current customers, I just had to say goodbye once Verizon brought this deal back. I don't post much, but I'll still be around to read up on Sprint. I like going for the underdog, so I hope Sprint fixes it's issues soon. Maybe one day I'll be back on Sprint, but till then, I'll be on Verizon.
  2. I would be happy with 2mbps down. I'm gonna try calling in and see if that'll help on my end. The Sprint Zone app gets nothing done.
  3. LocationNew England Well, you made sure to get as far away as you could from Auburndale, LOL! Yes, that is the tower I was talking about. It would help us out tremendously if they were to build on that tower. Lake Myrtle Sports Complex is busy pretty often that you would think they would do something about this area. We are in a bad cell reception area that it's just annoying, because just north when you get to Pace RD service is great, and if you go south from my house to HWY 92, service is great there. That tower had Nextel on it (I think at least), but they didn't reuse it. I'm taking it that Verizon uses it b/c service is awesome at the house with it. I use wifi at the house, but I did speed test with my work cell to see how it performs, and it makes me very jealous, lol. I'm guessing they figured with the 3 towers they have in our location now that it would cover the area well, but unfortunately, they don't. It's bad here.
  4. That is correct. anything north of that is a dead zone, until you get to Pace RD. From Denton/Berkley intersection, just north of that maybe 1/2 mile is Lake Myrtle Sports Complex. If no one is there I might be able to get service that is extremely slow, but once you add in the hundreds of other people that go, Sprint becomes nonexistent. I kind of figured that. I really don't know many others around here. I'm tempted to make some signs and take them to the soccer field one weekend asking people to make reports, LOL! Service at the house is bad, but I have wifi, so it isn't a big deal. It's just once I leave the house and do anything around here is where the issue is at. Even if it doesn't get fixed I'm keeping Sprint. It would just be nice to have coverage since I have 2 towers near me that provide service, and a 3rd maybe 5-7 miles away.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'll start doing reports again every chance I get.
  6. I have been doing this for about 2 years now. Unforetunately, it has done nothing. Hopefully others that go to the sports complex up the road have been reporting it, but even if they have, then it hasn't done anything.
  7. I tried looking everywhere, but I haven't had any luck. I'm just wondering if there is anywhere on this site that says where Sprint plans on building new cites. The reason I ask is because I have 3 towers that are pretty far out from me, but off one of them I'm getting service. The probably is that my area is in a bad location and service here is horrible. No I'm not bashing Sprint, but speeds are like .10 Mbps down and .35 up. LTE is pretty much useless in this location and when there is LTE, those are the speeds we get. 3G is pretty bad also. This isn't something that has just happened. This has been speeds for probably two years now. I have created a million tickets and nothing has gotten done. There used to be a Nextel tower that was probably a 1/2 mile away, but once they got rid of Nextel, they never reused the site. That site would have been awesome to have because it would have covered the huge coverage gap in my location. So you can get an idea where I'm at, I live off this road: Lake Whistler Drive, Auburndale, FL 33823. The tower I mentioned they got rid of was at http://www.antennasearch.com/sitestart.asp?sourcepagename=antennachecktowerreview&getpagename=pgtowerdetail_fcc&cmdrequest=getpage&ipos=1&registration_number=1028737 Just zoom out on you will see Berkley RD to the right and my street next to Berkley, Lake Whistler Drive. I hope that info helps some. That tower would have done a great service to my location. Verizon is great here, even inside my home. I only know this because I have them via my work cell. I don't plan on getting rid of Sprint, but I was just curious if there was anyway to know if Sprint plans to improve this area or not. My area is LTE off roaming and anywhere from Berkley RD up Denton AVE is horrible, until you get to Pace RD. The bad thing is that we have a soccer field that we go to often to watch games and take the kids to the park there so they can play, but cell phone service is nonexistence while there. Thanks in advance.
  8. I just bought a Netgear Nighthawk X8. Pretty expensive and huge, but this thing awesome! I've only had it a day, but it is running circles around my old TP-LINK TL-WR940N. I know it isn't fair to compare the two, but the constant speeds and connections from this is awesome. No matter what part of the house or yard, I'm getting 40mb speeds minimum (75/5 plan). I love the fact that it has 6 ethernet ports, because we easily used the 4 on the other router. With the 6 ports now, it'll cover all the tv's in the house, my desktop, and the Sprint airave. Hopefully that will help the wifi in the house now since everything will be wired. Expensive, but so far worth it. I'll be honest, I can't get too technical about this router as much as someone would probably want me to, but I'll do my best I can to figure something out about it if I can. It was probably overkill for me, but the 6 Ethernet ports kinda sold me on it. That and I read great things about it.
  9. These are the issues I've had with my G4. It took about 2 months, about 8 trips to different Sprint stores, and lord knows how many hours trying to to fix it. I FINALLY get a replacement, as they had to see it in person because my videos I showed them weren't good enough. LG wanted $75 to 'fix' my phone. It came broken when I bought it. My replacement was finally 100x better than my original I bought, but it is SUPER slow. I'm wondering if my new phone is effected by this hardware issue. My wife's G4 is so much faster than mine, and she's had hers from the release date.
  10. I am on SERO and love 2 year contracts. If they do away with them, then I think I might leave Sprint. This sucks.
  11. I use 10-15gb. I would say it's right about 12gb a month.
  12. Yes LK airport. The Geico building is right there behind it. If you look towards the airport and look at the huge hanger building you can see 3 small white sections that we fixed. I'm pretty sure that area has had b25 for a while and now b26. I could be wrong though
  13. B25 has been there a while no? I've gotten b25 and b26 i At the airport when I'm there for roof repairs, but no b41.
  14. Here we go with screen replacement #3. My g2 screen is all whack again luckily I have a work cell I can use in the meantime. Hopefully some new phones come out soon do I can replace this one.
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