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  1. I think that everything is going pretty good around here . We have b41 on three sites so far so things are looking better all the time I think.
  2. Has anyone seen how they are installing these new b41 sites in a market? I just wonder if they will just do overburdened sites or the whole network like with b26 and b25.
  3. Wasn't it announced tho that sprint and softbank had a deal worked out to bring Sony device to them?
  4. Oh OK yes I missed that post but thanks for showing me. I see why I didn't really hear anything about it. Cool if I see anything here in BG I will let you know.
  5. So I guess Louisville was first in ky to get b41 setups installed. I was wondering if the site was a network vision site that had it or was it a clear protection site that got upgraded?
  6. That is great cause bluegrass has great coverage in ky. I usually only get 1x roaming on their network past few times I was out of sprint native coverage. It would be absolutely amazing if bluegrass and sprint inked some kind of LTE roaming agreement between them. What prl were you on when getting 3g roaming?
  7. duddys31

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    So will the lg g2 be next for the update for WiFi calling. I sure hope so as new of a device it was when they started it I would of thought that we would of done got it. Has anyone heard if the knock code would be coming soon also I hope.
  8. That's what I was thinking to. I know from what I have read and videos I watched from the roaming hub earlier in the year bluegrass seemed like they were really interested in sprint's offer. We already have a regular roaming agreement with them but it's not lte.
  9. Does anyone know if it's possible to say have a roaming let agreement with like bluegrass cellular even tho they are in Verizon's let program. I know they couldn't let sprint roam on the spectrum they are using of Verizon's but they have their own low band b12 let also that was deployed for broadband. I wish this would happen because traveling to eastern ky is pretty bad on 1x. Maybe once sprint gets 1x800 and b26 deployed maybe will help a little bit. There's just not many towers at all in that region but bluegrass has it covered all over the state pretty good.
  10. What radio are you using on your nexus 5. And what all do you lose by going to the 13 radio? Im on the 23 radio but havent picked up any b26 since ive gotten it.
  11. I forgot to post about it the other day but I picked up b26 from that site going down i65 south the other day for a brief moment. I am pretty sure that they are bringing it up 65 from Nashville going north. I been working down in Tennessee for the past week and when a site was coming live that I've experienced the 3g was unusable for a few days while I was there. I had full bars of signal and couldn't even complete a phone call. So I think that's the reason why you might be having trouble right now.
  12. duddys31

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change prl from the phone without being rooted?
  13. duddys31

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    So is there a way if you have stock kitkat to root and get back lte only mode without reverting back to 4.3? And can someone tell me if we can change prl with stock kitkat I've read all kinds of stuff on xda but Idk.
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