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  1. So for the last month and a half they haven't been getting new sites online, which is what they're supposed to be doing. Great.
  2. It doesn't stop, but it definitely slows down. All work in the north slows down during winter.
  3. Not a huge stretch of the imagination since HTC is reported to do firmware updates and enable other bands.
  4. So 2.5 months later what are the problems they're having with the 800 mhz? It obviously hasn't gone as smooth as many people said it would.
  5. If this has a solid finger print scanner I will be stoked.
  6. It feels like sprint is having larger issues than many of us know. I have traveled across the country in the last 10 days and my service was the worst I have ever had in multiple areas. I am talking major cities & their airports. Things are not good in sprint land right now.
  7. What percent complete is the SW FL market? I am traveling there soon and am wondering what I can expect my coverage to be like. Thanks. BTW I'm going to be in mostly Ft Myers and Ft Myers Beach area.
  8. It has gotten very quiet but some stuff should break soon. We're only 9 days out.
  9. I was getting 4G LTE inside an apartment building around 50th and Dodge in Omaha this weekend. It was weak, but still there. I noticed on sensorly that hasn't been mapped. I wasn't able to map it. Won't be back there for at least a week.
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