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  1. I'm not shure if the reps were lying as much as many misinformed. Also recently did a speed test in Lincoln and usually the "Network Type" says EVDO_A, today it said eHRPD for the first time, which for most markets is a stepping stone for LTE.
  2. I just wonder where in the WORLD these people are getting these off the wall dates, ha ha.
  3. Also recently there have been sudden signal drops for no reason. I usually get 5-6 bars in my home one day it dropped to no bars for a while, I get 4-5 bars at work one day it was 1 for a solid 5 minutes before shooting back to 4, this never happened before. I assume and hope it is some kind of LTE test or something.
  4. I have heard so many things about LTE here. Origanally a store rep told me it would be the end of 2013 before we get LTE here, not long after I went to Best Buy to buy my new Sprint phone and I was told by the mobile sales girl there that it would be no later than January or Febuary of '13. Now I was confused and kind of upset about the lack of a solid answer. Not long after I bought my new phone I went to another Sprint store to buy a cover, I asked the salesman there expecting yet another answer, and I got it. He told me that the Sprint corporate rep wouldn't tell any of the Lincoln stores know when LTE was coming until a day or two before we get LTE. Now I was just frustrated, so I called the Sprint 800 number and after talking to the customer service person for 15 minutes she finally said that there are 5 towers that are completely upgraded and the rest (about 15-20) are being worked on, and I should expect LTE by December.
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