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  1. The cell site in Pocatello behind the Mystic Theater looks like it has new RRU's up. Not sure how long after the RRU's are up before we get enhanced 3G or LTE but at least something is happening.
  2. Yeah T-mobile is on a different tower plus they had an article in the newspaper where they interviewed the crew doing the work and they said they were installing Sprint 4G/LTE.
  3. Here is the work being done on the cell site in the Lowes parking lot in Idaho Falls. http://i.imgur.com/k4gjf7e.jpg
  4. Yes that is the one. I will try getting to the cell sites in Poky in the next few days and see if anything is going on there.
  5. I drove around to the cell cites in Idaho Falls today and they are working on the tower in the Lowes parking lot.
  6. If you live in southeast Idaho I drove by the cell cite in Blackfoot and they had crews working on the tower. They had caution tape up everywhere and it looked like they were running new cable to the top. Looks like they might be starting to do some work on this side of the state. One of the empty crates said hybrid cable on it. Not sure if that is the fiber optic used for Backhaul or not. Guess we will see soon.
  7. It does seem odd that they would set a date to stop doing work because every year is different. Last year it didn't get cold or snow until after Christmas. They obviously don't know what the weather is going to be like in the coming months.
  8. The rep at my local Sprint store said they were only doing one more small city with Backhaul in my market before winter comes because the ground freezes. He said they will start work again next March or April. Does this guy know what he is talking about. I've never seen winter stop construction around here before.
  9. Has anybody noticed a better signal that has 3G/800 up and and running?
  10. Does Sprint hire local companies from each market to do backhaul or did they contract a few different companies to do everything?
  11. I read that all of Samsung's equipment is capable of putting out both 3G and LTE. Just wondering why the LTE sites aren't 3G accepted as well.
  12. Where did the LTE site by Caldwell go? It didn't show up in today's acceptance report.
  13. How have the coverage and data speeds been with enhanced 3G? I haven't heard anything on this subject. I see a lot of cities have been covered with it and was wondering if it has been better then the Legacy.
  14. Yes I was talking about the Sprint.com maps. I have checked the map periodically the last three years and I've never seen an upgrade for the area I work in so I didn't think there was a cell site there. The map I was just shown cleared that all up. Thanks.
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