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  1. No. 20 years is enough. Consistency is much improved using AT&T and the plan is $15/month cheaper. Too many holes in coverage for me with T-Mo. I'm glad for you, but I'm glad I left.
  2. Don't know what all the issues are, but if you are a "Sprint" account with a Sprint SIM card, then you have to use the anti Spam on your phone loaded by Sprint. You can't use T-Mobile's Spam Blocker, as that only works with T-Mo sims.
  3. "N" Though: This is what I have. AT&T PREPAID Unlimited Plus Unlimited high-speed data After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See AT&T broadband info. 5G access AT&T 5G req’s compatible plan & device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to att.com/5Gforyou for details Mobile hotspot 10GB After allotted mobile hotspot data is used, hotspot speed is limited to maximum of 128Kbps. U.S. usage only Stream HD Video Watch your favorite videos in stunning high-definition (up to 1080p), when available, with Stream Saver® turned off. Multi-Line discount Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada Use talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada. Roaming data may be at 2G speed. Unlimited text to over 100 countries. Regular price was 75$ per month, new price is 50$ per month with AutoPay
  4. I'll still be here off and on. It will be in my eye if they ever get the network fixed up/ updated properly. It seems weird to have such high data speeds as I've never had them before. I've been waiting for Sprint for 20 years to fix / upgrade... and now T-Mobile. There is NO activity going on in metro Detroit right now with T-Mobile. Still had B41 this morning. (They haven't even shut it down around here yet). Still slow.
  5. Well folks, after 20 years with Sprint... I couldn't take the slow data at home and near my home. 7mbps down (on a good day) and .3 up. Today I switched to AT&T prepaid. 141mbps down and 10 up. Hugely better! Unlimited Plus for $50. (current offer) Saves me $$ and way better speed. It's been long time and I just got tired of waiting for network improvements.
  6. I'm shocked that there is no faith in T-Mobile's ability to manage and farm their network almost like they don't have network engineers?? Sprint was by no means great with fixing or tuning their network (except the last 8 months of their existence). If the network does get really bad, then it's time to move to a different carrier. I am staying only because of my Sprint plan that for $60 gives me pretty high priority and allows 1080p streaming on LTE. But if the service gets so nasty then I will move on. I'm thinking of AT&T because I hear they are really boosting and densifying their network. Consumers Cellular for $30 or $40 sounds fine to me with an AT&T sim card. I did call them and they can prioritize which network you favor with their sim (AT&T or T-Mobile)
  7. Not sure I follow you? If the site is "redundant" meaning there is a T-Mobile site there too or very near by, why would it cause problems? We will all be on one network soon, ... some sooner than others.
  8. From what I gather from the earnings call and yesterdays investment webcast is not the best (to me).... 600 and 2.5 will be strictly 5G ...very little of those 2 bands will be left for LTE bands. 700, AWS and 1900 (Bands 2 and 25) will be LTE. He (Neville) did say that they are upgrading 700 to dual 600/700 antenna's. Don't know if that would mean memo sites or what? Does anyone know what that could entail? Another issue (as I see it) is that there is very little 700 mhz around me. T-Mobile didn't deploy a lot of it. So does that mean even areas that didn't have 700 before will now have both 600 and 700?
  9. Very interesting article from the T-Mobile Oppenheimer webchat yesterday. It included network upgrade plans. SDX Central News article:   T-Mobile Details $40B Network Upgrade Strategy
  10. T-Mobile now has over 160 mHz of 2500 mHz in most all markets... some even have more.... Why the need to cannibalize any b41 LTE? At max it was only 40mHz deployed in most markets. I would think that would leave them at minimum of 60-80 mhz to play with for N41 or what ever they want to do...while leaving what ever B41 deployed as was before. Something tells me they are not telling us everything and they have something brewing.
  11. So much of it is smoke and mirrors and bragging. When you deep dive the numbers, things don't jive.
  12. I'm not telling anyone to take "a long off a short pier" (Sic) I can live with you disagreeing with me. We all have opinions. I still stand by T-Mobile needs to do more and talk less.
  13. No.. not testy at all. But you're not putting accurate comparisons forth. Look, I love being a Fan-boy too, but it's off the official numbers reported vs what the sales pitch to brokerage firms was from the paid Pom-Pom squad. Do you think they're going to say yeah, we know we had massive outages 4 weeks ago, and again now, there's East Coast Outages... but.... and hey the Tower Firms are Lying cry babies... wait they did say that one. LOL Neville: "We're baking that layer cake faster".... Let's hope he doesn't burn that layer cake! The spending is due to increase 2nd half of this year... lets hope it does.
  14. We don't really need any of those things, if you're being honest Well then we don't need cell phones either. The ones that hung on the wall did just fine by that thought concept. Loved those sticky pay-phones too! Maybe Pony express better than phones period.
  15. Why does average America need more than 100 mbps?? Really? It's called technology advancement. Why do we need 707 Hp cars? Model T's and VW Bugs with 48hp still did the job. Why do we need flat screen HDtvs when the old 480p big box picture tube ones worked? Not a worthy rebuttal. T-Mob needs to turn up the gas. Fix the outages on the east coast. (Maryland, PA, Virginia..)...
  16. Don't buy into all the Pep-rally ... Capex is only slight ahead of last year at this time. Should be higher if you're really building up the network. Gotta read the numbers first and turn the volume down on Mike and Neville with their Magenta pom-poms. 2H 2020 Capex is going to near 6.7B. (it's less than 4.7B 1st half..on par with last year.) That's better but still not if you want to be playing with the big guys. AT&T and Verizon both are looking at Capex numbers approaching over 20B each. I agree with the derrph above... ok, you're 2nd in size with subscribers, but until you have the network fixed you have to spend some money. I routing hard for T-Mobile, but my service and many others aren't great. Many of my friends with 5G phones are only getting fair speeds that would be equal to what LTE could provide. (less than 100mbps) That needs to change... quickly.
  17. Have you tried it? (Tested)??? Let us know if it made a difference for you.
  18. A couple of points: 1. no details provided in Neville's announcement. Just vague talking points. 2. Where is this at? Is it all the former 5G areas or a few??? All I can say is I hope they provide details on the Earnings call Thursday. This is a Trainwreck! Can someone do a speed test and see what speeds are like now for 5G? (I don't have 5G nor a 5G phone). No need if I have no network.
  19. Me too ... Sprint.com still goes to Sprint for me. No biggie... don't really care.
  20. I agree Snake. I have weak service down to 122db on a Sprint tower 2.5 miles away and it will NEVER pick up a T-Mobile tower 1/2 mile away. I have yet to see anything other than old Sprint. IMO, so far, this whole thing is botched up. It leads me to believe the core T-Mobile network cannot handle any more people on it here. No room for growth until they shut everything down and re-farm onto their towers. So much for 2.5 years of planning.
  21. Then T-Mobile, especially Neville Ray, needs to pull back on all the name calling (of the other carriers) and mis-advertising! "We have more spectrum than anyone else"! Great. Do you use any of it?! After the FCC Auctions, that advantage will go away. 5 months. WAY to much trumpeting of this great 5G Nation-wide network when it's actually slower than the LTE network. This misguidence and advertiing of the Now Network, didn't work for Sprint and this will not work for T-Mobile. It is a great way of making new customers angry and leave and never come back.
  22. T-Mo is moving very slow. There has nothing been done around me. Towers are all the same. Same lousy low speed data as before. 3mbs down.... .5 up. AT&T on the other hand has been upgrading their towers around here and nation wide from what i've been hearing from friends in other states. Was really hoping for more. I believed all the hype... the advertising,... but as it's proving to be all PR and no substance. Even in the areas where they say they've been working/ upgrading... it's only one tower here or there but no massive conversion by market. This was confirmed by other members on here. Sad!
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